Just how safe is the cervical cancer jab? More and more families say their daughters suffered devastating side-effects from the HPV vaccine and experts are worried too


This HPV vaccine is related to cancer, is supposed to prevent cancer. Even if you believe that this HPV vaccine is effective, it is only designed to confer immunity to 2 strains of HPV even though there are approximately 40 strains of the virus out in the wild that cause cervical cancer.  The 2 strains that the vaccine covers do cause the majority of the cervical cancers that are caused by HPV.  I’m still not convinced that the HPV vaccine is as effective as claimed. In addition, it is known to make a lot of girls sick, as attested to in this article.  Although statistics give probabilities, if you or one of your loved ones is a victim of one of these vaccines, it can be a disastrous, tragic experience that results in a lot of pain, grief and suffering.

Just how safe is the cervical cancer jab? More and more families say their daughters suffered devastating side-effects from the HPV vaccine and experts are worried too.

When Katie Green was 15, like thousands of schoolgirls she was given a jab against the human papillomavirus (HPV). This has been linked to cervical cancer and, under an NHS scheme introduced in 2008, all girls aged 12 to 15 are offered the vaccine against it.

In November 2009, Katie brought home a school note about having the jab. Her mother Carol, 50, a teacher in the family’s home town of Upton-upon-Severn, Worcestershire, was happy to agree.

‘Katie had all the other vaccinations and was fine,’ she says. ‘Apart from asthma and allergies to pets, her health had always been robust.’

But shortly after her first shot of Cervarix (one of the two brands of the vaccine), Katie’s arm swelled. ‘It stayed swollen for days and she felt groggy,’ says Carol.

These side-effects are not uncommon and are warned of in literature given with the vaccine.

A month later, Katie had the second of the three-course jab and her ordeal truly began. ‘Next morning, she was uncharacteristically late rising for school,’ says Carol. ‘When I woke her, she didn’t seem with it. She had wet the bed, which was completely unusual. Now I wonder if she had suffered a fit in the night.’

When Katie did get up, her balance was affected — the jab’s list of short-term side-effects said recipients could feel dizzy, nauseous and generally unwell, so she was kept off school for three days.

‘It was still there when we went to see the GP a few days later to check if all was well,’ says Carol. ‘The GP was reassuring and the following week Katie returned to school and tried to play rugby, but she went into a total relapse, feeling dizzy, exhausted and unwell.

At 15, Katie had been flying high academically, played cricket for Worcestershire and joined trials for the England women’s junior rugby squad. Today, aged 20, it’s a different story.

She can’t run more than a few steps and is on incapacity benefits due to a ‘brain fog’ so severe she finds work or study impossible.

During a particularly grim six-month period after she first became ill, Carol had to puree all her food because she was unable to eat properly due to a lack of co-ordination.

The family have no doubt what is to blame for this catastrophic change — the HPV jab.

The Greens are among 65 families in one online network who believe their daughters have been afflicted. That is a tiny proportion of girls given the jab, but the families passionately believe they deserve investigation and that others may not recognise their sickness as related to the HPV vaccine.

Researcher Dr Manuel Martinez-Lavin warned that fibromyalgia — which causes widespread pain — and a condition called postural tachycardia syndrome (PoTS), seem to be linked to the jabs. PoTS is a disorder of the nervous system thought to be caused by disturbances to the immune system. Symptoms include fainting, dizziness, inability to concentrate and fatigue. The condition can be long-term or even permanent.

Last week’s report is not the only one to question the vaccination’s safety. In January, a study of 53 girls and young women in the Danish Medical Journal concluded they were all suffering from various types of neurological damage consistent with ‘suspected side-effects to the HPV vaccine’.

Another study, in the European Journal of Neurology examined the cases of six young women who had developed PoTS within weeks of receiving HPV jabs. It, too, suggested there may be a link.

In the U.S., France, Spain and Denmark, more than 250 court cases are being mounted over HPV vaccinations. Damages have been won in the U.S. and France.


UK media suddenly covering all the vaccine injury stories the U.S. pharma-corrupted media pretends never happened


I maintain that vaccines are extremely dangerous.  Even though they can cause acute problems, they are most pernicious in causing chronic diseases.  The part that scares me the most (and I don’t scare easily) is the latent animal viruses in them, even more than the mercury and other adjuvants. There’s a video in which one of the designers of the polio vaccine admits that vaccines cause cancer.  Vaccines are a boon to the health care industry because they insure that there is a steady stream of sick people for them to treat (not cure).

Most people aren’t maimed or killed shortly after receiving vaccinations (although some are).  But I strongly suspect that vaccines are a strong factor in the rise of autoimmune disorders, chronic diseases, and other diseases.  There’s just no way that injecting yourself with toxic chemicals and multiple animal viruses is going to lead to a good outcome. The best you can probably hope for is that you’re not massively damaged by them. But it’s very hard to tell because of the delay in receiving the vaccination and experiencing the ill effect from it.  This is what makes it so hard for people to understand the true danger of vaccines.

(NaturalNews) The censorship Berlin Wall on vaccine injuries is starting to crumble… in the UK, at least, where mainstream media outlets there are suddenly covering the thousands of young girls and boys who are routinely damaged by toxic vaccines.

The pharma-controlled, vaccine-worshipping U.S. mainstream media, of course, hilariously pretends vaccines cause no damage to anyone. That’s part of the reason why no one believes the mainstream media anymore, which explains why mainstream media readership is plummeting while New Media readership is exploding.

It makes me wonder: Will the junk science mainstream media in the United States now ridiculously condemn the UK mainstream media as “anti-science” for reporting on the thousands of children being neurologically damaged by vaccines? Does the lamestream media in the USA even remember what journalism is in the first place?

Check out what’s happening in the UK press now all of a sudden. No doubt the vaccine industry is pushing hard to censor all these stories, so you might want to check them quickly while they still exist online: (h/t to Health Impact News for pointing these out)

EXPRESS.CO.UK: Tens of thousands of teen girls suffer serious illnesses after HPV cervical cancer jab

Ancient Chinese herbs shown to help cancer patients


If you really want to use conventional chemotherapy or radiation therapy, you may want to consider this complimentary approach that may alleviate some of the side effects that come with it.  Alternative cancer treatments aren’t for everybody, but you can still help yourself by trying something that will help you feel better.  I don’t really support conventional cancer treatments, but it’s not about me.  I don’t think you have anything to lose by trying this treatment in addition to chemo and radiation.

(NaturalNews) Cancer patients who opt for conventional chemotherapy and/or radiation rather than alternative therapies as their preferred treatment regimen often develop extreme fatigue and lack of energy. But this can be remedied using an ancient Chinese medicine protocol known as Ren Shen Yang Rong Tang, or RSYRT, which a new study published in The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine found helps conventional cancer patients maintain some semblance of quality of life.

Available for FREE online viewing through June 20, 2015, the research looked at the effects of RSYRT on fatigue in cancer patients, comparing their health statuses both before and after the 12-herb treatment. Cancer patients were instructed to take RSYRT twice daily for six weeks, after which time researchers from the Peking University School of Oncology in China and the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center in Texas assessed their outcomes.

Surprisingly, in as little as two weeks into the treatment, RSYRT patients with moderate to severe fatigue resulting from chemotherapy or radiation reported significant improvements. Aligning with the philosophy of traditional Chinese medicine, which maintains that fatigue is caused by a deficiency in Qi, a physical life force related to the energy flow of the body, RSYRT appears to boost Qi levels naturally, effectively restoring energy and alertness to those damaged by chemotherapy and radiation.

“RSYRT therapy was safe and was associated with fatigue improvement in nonanemic cancer survivors, consistent with historical TCM [Traditional Chinese Medicine] clinical practice experience,” reported the authors, noting that every cancer patient evaluated experienced improvements as a result of taking RSYRT.

Recent Developments in Alternative Mesothelioma Treatment


Numerous alternative cancer therapies have long-standing roots in ancient medicine.

Acupuncture has been practiced for centuries, while yoga has been used for physical and mental restoration since the 2nd or 3rd century BCE. Homeopathic medicine was developed more than 200 years ago, but some homeopathic remedies utilize herbs whose healing powers were identified by ancient civilizations.

Even though medical procedures quickly go out of date, these and other alternative healing methods are still used in modern cancer treatment. However, researchers are continually studying how to make them most effective for today’s cancer patient. (more…)

Alternative Cancer Treatment vs Conventional Cancer Treatment: A Paradigm Choice


I had an interesting exchange with a person who, evidently, supports the establishment cancer industry position on cancer treatments, cancer cures, cancer research and related issues. I didn’t think that a comment I had made on the Huffington Post in response to another comment would have engendered such a response, but it did. I found it to be very illustrative of many of the things that I have discussed here on smashcancer.com.  But I also thought that by examining what was being said by this person, I could use it as a learning tool. I could see from our ‘dialogue’ that there was no point in trying to have a logical discussion of our points because this person basically had her mind made up.

I can understand how someone could, and would, believe the medical authorities. They’re the authorities! They are the ones that have all of the institutions, the schools, the degrees, the fellowships, the publications, the experts, and associated things. They are the ones that spend and/or expend the resources of time and money to study things like cancer, and they report their findings to us. They are people, and they and their family members suffer & die from cancer, just like everybody else does. So who in their right mind would question their dedication, their work, their never-ending quest to beat cancer? (more…)

Genetically Modified Foods Revisited


I had done a previous article on GM crops, and decided to do another, more in-depth review of this subject. Originally, I was going to cover possible links between genetically modified foods and cancer. But in the process of reviewing a PowerPoint presentation based on the award-winning movie, Seeds of Deception by GMO activist Jeffrey Smith, I was totally floored by the extent of the danger of genetically modified food elements. It is a literal Pandora’s Box of danger. Preliminary studies have linked GMO foods with cancer, degenerative diseases, birth defects, sterility, and other health conditions.

This is a video presentation given by Jeffrey Smith. It is entitled Don’t Put That in Your Mouth. It is a great video on the dangers of GM food. It is a little over an hour long, and is very informative. You really need to watch it.


Despite danger and warnings at every corner, GM crops have been foisted upon the world, especially in America. (more…)

Is the Cancer World Round or Flat?


In the course of doing some reading on health, I came across a web site article entitled There’s no such thing as viruses? Now I found the question of whether viruses exist or not to be curious because I’ve studied viruses, have observed them, and actually constructed virus elements into bacteriophage to manipulate plasmid DNA for use in recombinant DNA. So I think it might be a curious question to ask, and may even be considered ridiculous.

What I really found to be curious was how the author continued in his tirade against ‘virus deniers’, and went on to label web sites like Age of Autism and NaturalNews.com as promoters of ‘dangerous quackery’ and that they ‘endanger public health’. The author basically stated that these web sites promote any ‘wacky hypothesis’ that they can find. Instead of providing any basis for his making these determinations, he just resorts to a string of ad hominem attacks on them because they do not agree with the mainstream scientific opinion(s) on these topics. Most of the topics these web sites discuss are not as settled as the writer described above would like us to think. (more…)

Grape Seed Extract Kills Cancer Cells in the Laboratory


A study published this week in the medical journal Carcinogenesis shows that grape seed extract kills head and neck squamous cell carcinoma cells, while leaving healthy cells unharmed.  The grape seed extract (also known as proanthocyanidins and/or flavinoids)has been demonstrated to damage cancer cell DNA (by way of increasing reactive oxygen), as well as inhibiting the cancer cell’s ability to repair the damage. The best part is that the grape seed extract is not harmful to normal cells.  This is probably due to the fact that cancer cells are known to have a lot of deficient metabolic pathways that can be vulnerable to attack. Normal cells do not have most of these vulnerabilities.

Another study that was published in the January 1, 2009 issue of Clinical Cancer Research by researchers from the University of Kentucky found that an extract from grape seeds caused in vitro leukemia cells to commit suicide. (more…)

Big Pharma Hides Unfavorable Clinical Trial Data


A study in the British Medical Journal (BMJ) just found that drug research, even clinical trials that are sponsored by the federal government, is regularly suppressed. Researchers found that less than 50% of all NIH-funded research studies were published within two and a half years of the completion of the study. Incredibly, 33% of these studies were still not published after 4 years. The reason appears to be that the pharmaceutical companies did not like the data.

One example given in the study was the case with Avandia, a drug that was actually approved by the FDA. It was found in 2007 that it caused an increase in heart attacks and cardiovascular disease related deaths. GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), the drug manufacturer, knew about the increased hazards associated with Avandia before the drug was even approved by FDA! (more…)