Do Conventional Cancer Treatments Really Work?

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There is a lot of information and articles in medical industry journals that report that conventional cancer treatments are the most effective treatments available.  The media seems to regularly run stories about the newest breakthroughs in cancer treatment.  There always seems to be a story about some sort of major breakthrough in cancer treatment.  It a wonder that anybody even comes down with cancer if you are to believe the news stories and the prescription drug commercials!

I know that a number of people I know or were related to have had cancer, and many have succumbed to it.  When I checked the statistics on the cancer rates, I found a number of interesting things.  One of the most interesting tidbits of information that I learned was that the incidence of cancer has went up dramatically since 1900.  Back then, only about one out of every 11 people would be diagnosed with cancer.  Today, it is widely believed that one out of every two men, and one out of every three women is now projected to eventually be diagnosed with cancer within their lifetime. I thought that this was a very shocking piece of information.

Something that was painfully obvious to me about cancer treatment is that the same treatment methods that were used for the last 50 to 100 years are the exact same treatments that are used today!  So let me get this straight… The same treatment methods (i.e., surgery, chemotherapy and radiation) have been the ‘state of the art’ treatment methods for decades.  Not one decade, but many decades… This confused me, tormented me, made me ask myself ‘WHY?????’, and made me reevaluate my thinking and my belief structure.  I wondered how this could be possible.

I thought that science was all about progress and constant improvement.  I know that all of the scientists are the ‘best and brightest’ that we have.  I know that they have all undergone rigorous training in science and related fields.  I know that they are the most respected, highly regarded, most qualified people on the planet to find answers about cancer and how it can be understood and successfully treated.  I also know that many billions, if not trillions, have been spent on research to find a way to beat cancer.  But yet, upon inspection, I found that most people, experts and laypersons alike, have no idea about how to successfully stop cancer or prevent one from contracting it.  This is reflected in the statistics.  If people knew how to prevent cancer, it would not be one of the leading cause of death in the United States.

From what I’ve seen, I am skeptical about the claims being made about these fantastic treatments for cancer that are the same ones that didn’t work 50+ years ago. From my research, I haven’t seen huge numbers of people beating cancer. Huge numbers of people are still dying of cancer. And this should not be the case after all these years, all these billions spent, and all these researchers studying this.

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