Why is the Medical Establishment Against Natural Treatments?

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This is an important question that deserves some consideration.  As a concerned scientist, I thought that the Scientific Method would give scientists an unbiased attitude with respect to methods that should be tested and employed to treat cancer.  Since cancer is such a devastating disease, the logical thing to do would be to test any and every method of treatment and any substance that would show any sort of promise in effecting a cure.  This is what makes sense to me, and I’m sure that most people would agree with me.  We should be desperately searching for anything that would be effective.

But this is where the story ends.  Just about everything that I see that is dealing with cancer research in the news is ALWAYS some sort of drug.  I see nothing being mentioned about herbs, or anything else.  It is always drugs.  It is as if the medical establishment is only concerned with creating a DRUG that can treat cancer.  In fact, I’ll venture to say that the only thing that interests the medical establishment is an expensive drug or treatment method.  No matter what the treatment, especially for chronic diseases, none of the treatments are inexpensive.  Why is this?

I often ask myself this.  I have a few of my own thoughts on the issue, but I’ll save them for a later article.  Maybe you should try to figure it out and maybe we can compare ideas on the subject.  You might get a few clues from referring to some of my previous articles related to this subject.

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