Prostate Cancer-Treatment vs “Watchful Waiting”

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I found an article that referenced a study that claims to have found that “watchful waiting” may be appropriate for some men who have been diagnosed with prostate cancer.  It was found that men who choose not to have treatment for prostate cancer have an average delay of treatment of 7.7 years with no increased level of mortality when compared to men who choose immediate treatment.

The routine treatment for prostate cancer is radiation and/or surgery.  We discussed the dire side-effects of prostate cancer treatments previously, which include erectile dysfunction and incontinence.  There is really no definitive proof that early treatment prolongs life.  This makes it tough to justify early treatments.  It should be an individual choice, as circumstances for each patient vary.  But it seems to be a serious choice to make, considering that a man’s life and/or sex life may be at risk.  The alternatives should be closely evaluated, and an informed choice can then be made.  But it is crucial that all elements of the treatment options be considered along with the probable side-effects.

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