Chemobrain-Another Side Effect of Chemotherapy

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We always hear about the benefits and wonderful reasons why chemotherapy is alleged to be among the best treatments for cancer. Even if we assume that this is true, what price do patients have to pay for a cure for cancer? I think that this is a legitimate question.

Patients have been claiming that they have experienced reduced mental functioning after chemotherapy. Not, it appears that scientists have finally determined conclusively that chemotherapy can cause brain damage, even though they don’t call it this in the articles. But if you look at the symptoms, it can’t be anything besides brain damage.

Some of the symptoms are memory loss, an inability to concentrate, difficulty thinking and other cognitive changes. If this isn’t brain damage, then what else could it be? It is reported that this has been reducing cancer survivor quality of life. The article goes on to say that survivors have had to figure out ways to compensate for their reduced mental function, and to learn how to accept their condition.

This article dealt with people who have breast cancer. More and more women who survive breast cancer have experienced this brain damage. It has become so common that they gave it a name, “chemobrain”. In fact, it is reported that this reduction in brain function has devastating effects on patient’s quality of life.

Patients reported a variety of symptoms. Some of them were:
• Reduction in memory
• Limited ability
• Reduced independence
• Fear
• increased dependency on others
• reduced cognitive capacity
• reduced ability to mentally focus
• increased difficulty in performing on the job

In addition to this, many women reported that they got no warning from their physicians that this could happen to them. They said that physicians didn’t have many answers to their questions. So for whatever reason, the doctors either didn’t know about “chemobrain”, or chose not to discuss it with the patients.

It seems to me that something like “chemobrain” would be predictable because all chemotherapy drugs are extremely toxic. It just doesn’t seem logical to use such highly toxic drugs on people who are sick. It doesn’t sound logical to use poisons on anybody. But if you can find a good reason to use poison as medicine, I guess that you should do it. If the stuff would make healthy people sick, I can’t understand how it would make somebody sick healthy.

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