Lung Cancer Found to Be Deadlier to Women than Other Cancers

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Although there is a big marketing campaign underway to increase the public’s awareness of breast cancer, it has been found that lung cancer actually kills more women than breast, ovarian and cervical cancers combined.  This is unfortunate news, but the truth has to come out.

What is very surprising about this is that 66% of women who come down with lung cancer either have quit smoking at least 10 years before diagnosis, or they have never been smokers.  Lung cancer rates have been rising, and the disease kills more women than any other cancer.  Lung cancer can be considered the ‘hidden’ women’s cancer because these statistics are not widely known or discussed.

Lung cancer became the leading cause of death from cancer in women in the United States in 1987.  In addition to this, the mortality rate in women with lung cancer is almost double the rate for breast cancer.  Unfortunately, the mortality rate rose from 18% (per 100,000) in 1976 to 40% in 2006.  The mortality rates for the other major cancers with which women are afflicted all dropped.  The five year survival rates for women with lung cancer are just as dismal as the other figures.  In 1976, the rate was 15.8%, which is significantly below the rates for the other major female cancers.  The rate in 2006 is only 19%.  The next highest rate is for ovarian cancer, which is at 46% in 2006.  There is definitely something wrong with this picture.

I could go on with statistics, but I think that you’re getting the picture.  The bottom line is that it is time for us to step up and deal with this problem.  Awareness is a good start.  Although the medical establishment may have a blind spot with regards to women and lung cancer, that doesn’t mean that people can’t take more control of their state of health.

The bottom line is that YOU are responsible for your state of health, and you can improve it.  You can reduce your chances of being diagnosed with lung cancer.  You are actually the only one that can do this!  The first step is to educate yourself.  That’s what you’re doing right now.  Continue your search for information.  Try to learn and be open-minded because you must realize that there is a cure for most diseases.   A disease is an unnatural state of health.  In order to get back to health, the body must be given what it needs to heal itself because it is the only source of healing.  Nothing heals the body but itself.  Health care practitioners all merely assist the body to release the healing power that already lies within.  That’s just the way it is.  Ponder and reflect on this basic truth, and remember it when you seek to heal yourself.

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