Graviola-Natural Treatment for Cancer

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Graviola is a natural cancer treatment that was found in the Amazon rainforest.  It had been used by the indigenous people in the Amazon for ages.  When a pharmaceutical company was looking for a treatment for cancer, they began to research Graviola.  They found that it was effective for treating heart disease, asthma, liver problems and arthritis.

When the pharmaceutical company found that they couldn’t synthesize the most potent active ingredients in Graviola, they shelved the project.  Once they found that they couldn’t patent these elements of Graviola, they knew that they couldn’t earn many billions of dollars from sales of these patented drugs.  Then they basically shelved the project.  The bottom line is that they feel that profits were more important than sharing an effective, non-toxic treatment for cancer.  Profits over lives.

This is why people who study the cancer industry strongly believe that a cure for cancer would be suppressed by Big Pharma and the Medical Establishment.  It is because there is documented evidence that they have done exactly this with numerous cancer treatments.  The modern corporation is only focused on earning profits, and everything else, including the lives of people, are not a consideration.  If people have to die for profits, that is an acceptable business consequence to them.  Your job is to decline to be a victim for the profits of Big Pharma.

  1. Laurie Allen

    Thank you so much for this information, I have hep c and have had it for years managing it with alternative methods;my gastro dr wants to start me on the new “Triple Therapy ” w/Teleprivr – after researching the ingredients and the side effects I am opting out of it. I am going to tweek my liver supplement arsenal by adding Graviola, Astragulus and Andrographis. Then I am going to order Germanium to boost interferon naturally!! I hope it works:) Any ideas are welcome

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