Gerson Cancer Therapy Summary

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Dr. Max Gerson was a physician back in the early part of the 2oth century.  He basically found that by treating the patient by cleaning up the diet and using a few other techniques (such as the coffee enema), he got a lot of cancer patients to survive their cancers.  And yes, he was also scorned by the Medical Establishment.  He has an excellent book on the subject as well.  It is somewhat dated, but it is great information for cancer patients.

You must understand that diet is a critical factor in your state of health, although it is not well-known by most allopathic (M.D.) physicians.  It is somewhat obvious that the diet would be important as “You are what you eat.”  Bad diet leads to bad health.  Good diet leads to good health.  It isn’t really ‘rocket science’…

One thing that you should know is that the Gerson therapy is great, but may not be powerful enough for a cancer patient that has an aggressive form of cancer.  So it may not be advisable to rely solely on the Gerson therapy for these types of cancers.  You will probably need to use a more powerful treatment for this type of situation, or this therapy in conjunction with another therapy.  Do your own research!

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