Six Great Treatments for Cancer

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This is a good, simple video to get you to thinking about some possible answers to your cancer treatment.  Understand that they may not work instantly, especially if you have already been subjected to chemotherapy, radiation or surgery.  Chemotherapy and radiation are notorious for their negative effects on the immune system.  The immune system is the bodily system that is used to fight and defeats cancer. So if it is destroyed, you literally have no way to fight and defeat the cancer if it reappears.

MMS is controversial. I have tried it, but I got tired of the bleachy taste.  If I would have had a serious condition, I would have continued with it.

Cannabis oil has been reported to have cured people of a lot of diseases.  It was once considered a sacred plant because of the numerous beneficial uses it has.  The petrochemical (and related pharmaceutical) industry would not be possible or necessary if hemp was in widespread use.  You would do well to research hemp and how wonderful it is.  It may be tough to get access to cannabis because it has been made illegal in many areas.  This is unfair because it is not a narcotic, and is not dangerous. I don’t know of any fatalities that have ever been directly caused by marijuana.

Apricot seeds are the basis of the Laetrile/Vitamin B-17 treatment.  I recall thinking that it was not effective because of studies performed at the Sloan-Kettering Memorial place.  But later reports from insiders revealed that the proper protocols for usage were not followed in the trials.  Beware of ‘studies’ done by research institutions that are beholden to Big Pharma interests.  There are major conflicts of interest when you have scientists & institutions who are paid millions and billions of dollars by pharmaceutical companies!

Chlorella is a wonderful algae.  It is rich in RNA, DNA and many other nutrients.  It is also known for being a powerful detoxifier because of its high chlorophyll content and the broken cell walls of the algae that act as chelating agents that remove toxins from the body.  Quality chlorella can be a bit expensive, but it will not cost you $50,000 or more, and it won’t destroy your immune system.

The best application of Vitamin C that I’ve heard of is by intravenous infusion.  It is a very powerful substance for cancer as well as for heart disease.  Dr. Linus Pauling, 2-time Nobel Prize winner, swore by it.  He lived to be 93 years of age. He consistently took 10-20,000 milligrams of it per day.  It is great for the body, but can lead to diarrhea when you take too much.  That is the ‘bowel tolerance’ level, and it’s much cheaper and more available than IV infusion, which should be performed by a medical professional.

Simple veganism has been alluded to by a number of researchers, such as Dr. Max Gerson and Dr. Johanna Budwig.  The chemicals, hormones and antibiotics that are in the animals that we use for meats are not healthy for us, especially for people with cancer.  Organic is the way to go, but you have to research because not all foods labeled organic are organic.

So go out and do your own research so that you can be more informed!

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