Intravenous Vitamin C for Cancer

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I have seen reports that Vitamin C, given intravenously, is a powerful form of treatment for cancer.  I hope that you already realize that Big Pharma will definitely be against this because it will mean the end of charging exorbitant rates for chemotherapy drugs and radiation ‘therapy’.  They can’t patent Vitamin C. And this is the reason why they will never do any research on it, or work to make it popular.

The corporations’ only priority is to make profit.  All other considerations are of relatively minor importance.  Meditate on this and understand it.  It is the key to understanding the data that passes for news and ‘scientific’ studies that you see plastered all throughout the mass media.  Remember that the mass media gets paid billions of dollars for all of those polished advertisements for pharmaceutical drugs.  So they make money while the patients get to take poisons masquerading as medicines.

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