Cannabis and the Petrochemical Industry

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As amazing as it sounds, researchers have found that a common substance can cure cancer. In fact, they have vilified and besmirched this substance since the emergence of the petrochemical industry. They made it illegal, even though it was in common use before the petrochemical industry. It is not a coincidence. Rockefeller and others would not be able to have the big oil companies or the highly profitable pharmaceutical industries if hemp was around. Hemp is a much better source of medicine, plastics, textiles, fuel, etc., than oil ever was, or could hope to be. But oil is scarce and hard to produce, whereas hemp was plentiful and available to anyone to grow and process.

Unfortunately, we have been the victims of these people who have conditioned us to reject hemp, and embrace their huge oil empires. Fortunately, the information on the benefits of hemp is still out there for people who have the ability to question the current paradigm. Over time, more and more people will come to understand that hemp is the answer to many of the problems that afflict people on this planet. Truth stands the test of time. Falsehoods remain falsehoods, regardless of the money and apparent power of those who promote the lies. The lies lead to erroneous behavior that produces bad results. Witness the increasing incidence of disease, disasters, and other maladies that afflict society. This is the very definition of ‘dysfunction’.

We have 2 options. We can change and embrace the truth, or we can continue to believe in lies, propaganda and fairy tales and continue to reap their painful results. But we can only choose one of these paths, as they lead in totally opposite directions.

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