Pharmacists Getting Cancer from Dispensing Chemotherapy Drugs

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This is very unfortunate, but is just another testimony to the high toxicity and carcinogenic effects of chemotherapeutic substances. It baffles the mind how cancer-causing substances are being touted as the best treatments FOR cancer. But this is what we are being told by scientists with advanced degrees.

Pharmacist are actually coming down with cancers that are a result of them handling chemotherapy drugs.  In fact, the carcinogenic side effects of the chemotherapy drugs are listed right on the inserts and labels of the drugs.  We now know that the manufacturers are aware of this, since they printed the labels.

Now if we know that just being exposed to these chemicals causes cancer, how much more damage and sickness is being given to the patient who is taking these substances internally?  That is the real question that deserves a lot of contemplation.  In fact, I think that there are a number of questions that need to be answered before one decides to embark on chemotherapy treatments:

  • Is it really possible that chemicals that are essentially chemical warfare weapons can give a patient long-term health?
  • Can a highly carcinogenic substance be a cure for cancer?
  • Should you trust a physician that is highly paid to give you chemical warfare weapons for medicine?
  • Is your oncologist under pressure to provide you with certain medications and substances, or is he free to explore any treatment options that he may uncover if he decides to investigate them?
  • Is it legal for an oncologist to use any other cancer treatments besides chemotherapy, radiation and surgery?
  • How truly effective is chemotherapy at treating cancer, and where are the supporting studies?
  • What reliable studies demonstrate that chemotherapy is more effective than any other cancer treatment?
  • What are the real rates of side effects that are experienced by patients who receive chemotherapy?
  • How much does your oncologist pay for your chemotherapy, and how much does he charge you for prescribing it?
  • How many cancer patients are alive after 10 years of the initiation of chemotherapy, and if alive, what is their health condition?

I think that the above questions are fair questions to ask, and that they deserve honest answers.  After all, isn’t full disclosure in the best interest of the patient?

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