Doctor Bucks the System and Embraces Truth

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I have to take my proverbial hat off to this courageous physician, Dr. Robert Rowen, who decided to ignore medical dogma and go wherever the truth led him.  Although I didn’t finish medical school, he went ahead and fought the Medical Establishment from the inside.  I just fight it from the outside.

Anyway, this guy said that in his medical education at UC-San Francisco, he had rigid training in the sciences.  He said that even in his clinical training in medical school, he hated not helping the patients, and found that they often ended up hurting them and charging them high prices for their procedures.  He had actually considered leaving medical school, but he stuck with it.  He admitted that he was never trained on how to eliminate the causes of diseases in his medical training, and that he had to get that information from outside of the Medical Establishment.  In fact, he referred to himself as a “pimp for the the pharmaceutical industry” when he was still affiliated with mainstream medicine!

He says that the main causes of most diseases are malnutrition, environmental toxins and stress.  There are others, but these are the major ones.  He also said that he saw colleagues who used alternative or complementary medicine destroyed by the Medical Establishment.    They have the power to take away the license of virtually any physician who doesn’t behave according to guidelines established by Big Pharma.

He also said that he uses UV blood irradiation therapy, ozone therapy, oxidation medicine, hydrogen peroxide, chelation therapy, and nutrition therapy.  This is a fine example of a physician that uses initiative, imagination and intelligence to learn about things that can truly help patients.  It is always the person who questions the status quo who makes the discoveries and breakthroughs that improve the human condition.

  1. fitness

    Nicely written! Can I use your post for my website? I will put a link. Cheers Smile

  2. Melanie

    I absolutely adore Dr. Rowen. I went to see him three years ago for a frozen shoulder wanting prolotherapy and he not only found the real reason for my frozen shoulder (osteo-nacrosis of the jaw in two places) but helped me find qualified medical professionals to help me along the way. He has always made himself available to me and is the most dedicated, intelligent, intuitive doctor I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. if we could flood our medical system with people like Dr. Rowen we would not have such a large population of sick people nor would we need national health care.

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