Rene Caisse and Essiac Tea for Cancer

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Essiac tea was a formula for cancer treatment that was given to a Canadian nurse named Rene Caisse by an Ojibwa Native American ‘medicine man’.  She used it on her aunt that had been diagnosed with terminal cancer.  Her aunt ended up surviving the cancer, and living over 20 years longer.  Then, she began to give it away to people.  She had to prepare the herbs in it in a special manner.  The herbs are burdock, slippery elm, Turkish rhubarb and sheep sorrel.  She never advertised, but word-of-mouth soon had scores of people seeking her out for this substance.  Not all people were cured, but many were.

There were so many people looking for her that she had to quit her job just to treat all of the people who were seeking her out.  Eventually, the Canadian medical authorities found out about her, and they gave her a big fight.  They did not make it an official treatment, but they forbade her from charging people for the tea.  You already know that the authorities suppressed and maligned this substance, and they tried their best to keep Nurse Caisse from negatively affecting their highly profitable cancer industry.

Fortunately, the formula is still available at health food stores.  I used a similar product based on Essiac myself to successfully treat a case of sarcoidoisis.  It is a great substance, but I think that there are more powerful alternative cancer treatments available.  I took plenty of it, and it has no toxicity.  Cancer patients should be careful because you must not kill more cancer cells than the body can eliminate, or a healing crisis will result.  This is good, but you must not throw the body into severe toxic overload because it could result in anything from headaches and body pain to death in extreme levels.  It is unlikely, but it is possible.

The video below is about 28 minutes long, but it will give you some great information, and Rene Caisse speaks for herself here.  The video is old, but the information is very valuable.

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