Dr. Sherry Rogers on Cancer Cures

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I found this seriously informative video by Dr. Sherry Rogers.  She’s talking about how pollutants in our bodies are creating the epidemic of disease that we are experiencing today.  The video is crucial to your understanding of disease.  This is information that you will not receive from your family physician because it is suppressed, and isn’t talked about much by the Medical Establishment.

Her basic message here is that the pollution that we are being exposed to is causing many, if not most of our epidemic of diseases.  We are exposed to thousands and thousands of toxic chemicals and heavy metals on a daily basis.  The connection between man-made chemicals and disease is not made public because it would destroy many industries, or would at least cost them so much that it would obliterate many profits.  Don’t be naive enough to believe that money is not a big reason why this information is not being widely discussed in the mass media.

These chemicals, such as heavy metals and plastics are virtually ubiquitous throughout the products to which we are exposed daily.  They end up inside our bodies, and cause cardiovascular diseases, cancers, autoimmune diseases, reproductive diseases and disorders.  The plastics (such as phthalate plasticizers) that are in our water bottles, toys, personal products, etc., are known as environmental endocrine disrupters.  This means that they wreak havoc on our hormone systems, and this can lead to numerous health problems.

Heavy metal contamination is also a much larger problem that most people suspect.  Arsenic is said to be a major cause of disease, and can cause all forms of heart and circulatory system disease, cancers and other ailments.  Dental products and devices are known to be loaded up with heavy metals.  Cadmium is also a large problem.

The bottom line is that in order to heal your body from disease, the heavy metals, and other toxic chemicals must be removed from the body first!  If they are not removed, the body can not heal and repair itself.  The missing cause of most diseases is these toxic chemicals.  This makes it of paramount importance that you detoxify your body on a regular basis if you want to remain disease-free, or to cure the disease(s) that you already find yourself afflicted with.

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