Sodium Benzoate and Other Food Additives

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Sodium benzoate, in the presence of ascorbic acid (vitamin C) in soft drinks and juices, can form the known human carcinogen, benzene.  The startling fact about this is that the FDA and the soft drink manufacturers have known about this issue for over 15 years!  But they have not done anything to address this problem.  It would appear that this soft drink industry has enough power to basically do whatever they want to do, while the people who the FDA is supposed to protect are left with benzene, and other chemicals, in their soft drinks, juices and various personal products.

There are large numbers of chemicals in our foods and personal products, and many of them have not been tested for harmful effects.  It would appear that profits and convenience are of a higher priority than the safety of the people who are exposed to these chemicals.  The risks are unknown, but we do know that the rates of diseases are rising sharply for just about all people.  It doesn’t take a doctoral degree to figure out that these chemicals are not as innocuous as we have been led to believe they are.

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