The History of the AMA and Allopathic Medicine

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This is some of the best information that I’ve seen on the true beginnings of the AMA and allopathic medicine.  This is critical information for anyone who wants to understand the reason why the MD allopathic doctors embrace harmful, poisonous treatments for disease.  This short video (less than 5 minutes long) will give you the information that you need to know before you embark on any cancer treatment.  The reason why people are so easily manipulated by the Medical Establishment is because they are not aware of this information.

The early battle was between homeopaths and allopaths.  Even though the homeopaths had better, safer treatments, the allopaths worked harder on making huge profits, which enabled them to take control of the medical treatment industry.  They formed the American Medical Association, which operates to protect the allopathic paradigm.  They have taken over the medical schools, the accreditation of physicians, the regulatory agencies (FDA, EPA, etc.), the mass media, etc.  Anyone who introduces a treatment outside of the allopathic paradigm is summarily punished, vilified, ridiculed, attacked and eventually nullified, ostracized and eliminated from the public discourse, and their funding is quickly cut off.  The credentials, education, accomplishments, etc., of the person do not matter.  The punishment is the same for all of these ‘medical heretics’ who do not ‘tow the allopathic line’.

You must study this video and know that it contains the key for you to be able to see through the illusions and misconceptions that are ‘common knowledge’ in today’s society.  Your life will one day depend on your understanding of this information.

  1. Kimberly Woods

    May all the truth continue to be revealed!!!
    As a Homeopathic practitioner for over 2o years, it’s astounding to me how the effective, deep healing, non toxic, treatment of homeopathic medicines has been swept under the carpet in the USA. In Europe 40-50 % of the MD’s are homeopaths or refer to one. I see miracles happen everyday.
    May the force be with you.

  2. Padmini Rajagopal

    I am so surprised to find that there are so many other sides to medicine and the effectiveness of each medications can be explained in pure scientific explanations. But, it is a shame that only FDA approved methods and medicines can be used in this country. It is not first or second world time. We should have some more open mindedness and see the value of Natural items available for us and they all don’t have to come in bottles or pill form.
    I am so sad that we call ourselves the best country and the people in this country are suffering with ignorance. I know what to do for some of the ailments that work and the doctors may not say it is a good remedy because it was not taught to them. One example is: it is a topical application to smear over a swelling: Have one or two tablespoons of magnesium sulphate and equal amount of glycerine mixed together and rub it or smear it on the swelling. If you put a towel under, it gets wet and the pain stops. I understand it is not a permanent remedy, but it is good for a while. I have heard so many things like that, but still the medical system needs to do things in their way even it is very small event. Love to hear from you.

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