Harry Hoxsey-The Whole Story

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I decided to make available the full story on Harry Hoxsey.  It is a textbook case of how unorthodox people and treatments are vilified, maligned and destroyed.  Not because of the ineffectiveness of the treatments, but because the success of the treatments threaten the profits of the Medical Establishment and Big Pharma.  The video is long (1hr, 21 min), but it will definitely give you a perspective on alternative cancer treatments and the way that the AMA, FDA, and other various medical authorities function.  The bottom line is that their highest priority is to protect their profits.  All other considerations (like curing the patient, or improving the patient’s quality of life) are not very important.

The medical authorities ‘knee-jerk’ reaction is to call anyone who is outside of their orthodoxy a quack.  It doesn’t matter how many credentials, what type of medical professional the person is.  Once you contradict ‘medical dogma’, you are considered a persona non grata (i.e., you are the equivalent of an enemy combatant). Because the people who profit from the status quo are the same people in power in the AMA, the mass media, and the regulatory agencies, a full scale war results.  These people then use the full power of these institutions to batter people into oblivion and down the ‘memory hole’.

But make sure that you watch this video if you want an inside look at the way this works.  You will notice the pattern as you analyze mass media coverage of alternative cancer and health care treatments.  It doesn’t change.  It has been very effective, and has worked for decades.  But with the advent of the Internet, it is only a matter of time as information becomes more accessible to people.  The truth can not be hidden forever!

  1. Juergen

    The shocking truth for those who don’t believe it. But better believe it, because it’s the real truth of medical and pharmaceutical Industry and how they control and manipulate the world, media, press, medical studies etc.
    Very good – thanks

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