Cancer Treatment Suppressed

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This is from a while back, but is just another example that demonstrates that cancer treatments ARE being suppressed.  We have been taught and conditioned to believe that all alternative therapy for cancer treatment is quackery, but this is not true.  There are many cancer treatments that have been advocated by scientists with credentials (i.e., MD’s and Ph.D.’s) who have been destroyed, ignored and vilified by the Medical Establishment.  This is just one example.  The video is less than 4 minutes long, but is very instructive.  There is a bit of noise in the start of the video, but it goes away a little later on.  This is just a way to get you to understand that all is not as it is portrayed by the Medical Establishment when the topic is healing, cures, and especially alternative treatments for cancer.

Don’t be naive…  Open your eyes and do your own research!

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