Paw Paw-Alternative Cancer Treatment-Part 9

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Dr. McLaughlin summarizes the clinical results of the cancer research performed with the use of Paw Paw substances.

The clinical studies were done on breast cancer, prostate cancer, lymphoma non-Hodgkin’s, stage 4 lung cancer and melanoma. The results were very good, very promising.  It appeared that most cancer patients were using Paw Paw in conjunction with conventional cancer treatments.

In summary, the results were:

  • significant reduction in tumor size
  • significant reduction in tumor antigen levels
  • very few side effects, most people suffered from no side effects; those who did, they were minor
  • no hair loss, no bone marrow depression, no GI bleeding
  • Contraindications: DO NOT give with CoQ10, thyroid stimulators or antioxidants
  • benefits with: cold sores, shingles, MS, toe nail fungus, acne, athletes’ foot, eczema, psoriasis (in capsules, lotion or salve)

Paw Paw appears to be a very beneficial and promising substance for cancer treatment. This deserves a lot more attention than it is currently receiving to date.

  1. sylvie

    Do you know if paw paw can work on primitiv liver cancer /hepatocarcinoma?
    the patient also has chemo : sorafenib/nexavar.
    thanks for your answer

  2. admin

    Hi Sylvie,

    This is a tricky question. There is no guarantee that any treatment can cure any case of cancer, and this goes for conventional treatments as well as for alternative treatments. Each patient has different situations with different circumstances. Without this knowledge, it is difficult to help. But in general, the patient has to be intimately involved in any treatment regimen to give the best prognosis. The more personally involved the patient is, the more energy and belief that she brings to bear against the disease. If the patient has a good understanding of the treatments that she is receiving, she will tend to have more belief in them, and that does factor in to the success rate. Another consideration is that the patient has to be flexible. She should not be emotionally attached to any treatment method or strategy. If the treatment is not working, changes to the treatment regimen should be considered. Either a new treatment method should be tried, or changes in the treatment applications should be attempted.

    Personally, I feel that traditional cancer treatments are very toxic. It seems that the negatives of chemotherapy, radiation and surgery outweigh the positives. But if a patient is using conventional treatments, she should learn about ways to minimize their negative effects. I think that chlorella is good for minimizing the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation. Marijuana is known to effectively deal with cachexia (wasting disease). Hopefully, your cancer patient can get access to medical marijuana in a legal fashion.

    I’m not sure if the Paw Paw can work on this cancer, but it is probably worth a try. Be careful with the chemotherapy because it is known to severely damage the immune system. But I have to let you know that the patient has to be more knowledgeable to successfully use alternative treatments since most orthodox physicians don’t like them and also may choose not to work with you if they know that you are using them. Let me know if you have any more questions.

  3. Laury

    My husband was diagnosed with colon cancer spread to the liver, when having a pet scan, it showed a small tumor in the right lung……at this point he started to take the paw paw, and other advisable herbs…..and started the treatment of chemotherapy and the treatment of paw paw at the same time….the next pet scan showed a reduction of 98% of cancer cells and the five lessions, in the liver had become only two, with no signs of cancer in the lungs. in the last pet scan they could not see the tumor in the intestine and only one small lession in the liver, at this point he is not receiving any chemo, for 6 weeks, and they are planing to cut the intestine and part of the liver and I am really scared, we aare planning to continue with the paw paw treatment along with a strict alkaline diet…..we are a litle bit scare can you comment?

  4. admin

    My opinion is that if you are happy with your progress, you may want to wait to see how the Paw Paw and chemo continue to work. You have to be careful about the surgery because any cutting of tumor tissue releases the cancer cells throughout the body which can lead to metastasis. But from what you have reported, the chemo & paw paw appear to be working if the cancer cells are shrinking. I don’t see any reason to do surgery.

    Your oncologist(s) are probably either unaware of the addition of the Paw Paw, which is probably protecting your husband from some of the side effects of the chemo. Personally, I don’t recommend chemotherapy, especially without anything to counteract its severe negative effects on the body. You should probably continue to take the Paw Paw and see what happens. If it were me I would avoid the surgery unless absolutely necessary. From what you’ve told me, the growth in the intestine does not appear to be blocking anything, or create any critical situation where it would need to be quickly removed. The strict alkaline diet may be good, but you would definitely be advised to stay away from ALL processed foods, especially SUGAR, artificial sweeteners (like aspartame), normal meats (especially those that contain nitrites, like lunchmeats, bacon, sausage, etc.). You’ll want to consume as much organic food as possible. Try to stay away from fluoridated, chlorinated water. Get a water filter for your shower. If you need more information, just contact me!

  5. admin

    There have been reports of THC and/or cannabinoids being effective against cancer cells. The word is that in the 1970’s, the US government was trying to prove that marijuana caused cancer. When the studies were performed, they actually found that the cannabinoid chemicals were actually killing cancer cells! That’s why the studies were abruptly stopped. There are videos on YouTube about this, and another one at You may also want to view Run From the Cure by Rick Simpson and his experiences with hemp oil.

  6. via

    My mother was diagnosed with cervical cancer,when she was brought to the hospital due to severe stomach ache without taking any foods for three days. She was instantly operated, right now I can not understand why she have colostomy though the doctor told us that it is only temporary. Now,the doctor recommend us to an oncologist for chemotherapy. I’m really scared and do not know what to do aside from going to the oncologist. Is there any other way you can suggest that may help us?

  7. Essa Adams

    Stage IIIB Breast Cancer. I have three bottle of Paw Paw in cabinet. Tried to go off the Synthroid but the congestive heart failure started to come back, a symptom before I started thyroid treatment. Do you know why Paw Paw is said to be incompatible w thyroid meds? I am using other alternative choices in a wide protocol, but would like to rotate to Paw Paw at some point very soon for a month or two, then back to this or one similar. I believe in a 5-year protocol for alternatives then maintenance.

  8. admin

    From what I can see, the thyroid medications have a significant effect on cellular metabolism. Paw Paw, Cantron and Protocel all work similarly. Most of the sites that I’ve seen say that the treatments conflict. Paw Paw, and similar treatments lower the cancer cell’s metabolism, which is related to thyroid function. The thyroid is like the body’s energy metabolism regulator. It would appear that thyroid medication would also be used to affect this, so it sounds like using both together could cause problems and/or neutralize one (or both) of these treatments. I found a few links about it:

  9. suzanne

    Hi there, I am very happy to hear about paw paw. I was diagnosed with renal cell carcinoma metastasis in Aug/2010 and had my right kidney removed,I have a tumor in my left sacrum and sacral joint and nodules in both lungs. I am on a chemo treatment of 2 wks on 1 wk off on sutent 25mg since Dec.2010. Can I take the paw paw while on the sutent or just when I’m on my week off? Thank

  10. admin

    I can’t offer you any medical advice as to whether or not you can use Paw Paw in conjunction with Sutent. But I will give you some resources that describe Paw Paw. You can discuss your options with your preferred, qualified health care professional. In any event, you can find more information on the following web sites:

    Remember that the more you learn and the more initiative you take to become as well-informed as you can, the better your chances of succeeding in getting your health back.

  11. Suzanne

    thank you for the websites, I spoke with my oncologist and have been on paw paw now for a month. I started taking 1 capsule 3 times daily and think I may increase to 2 capsules 3 times daily. I have no side effects from the paw paw thank goodness and don’t know yet if its helped,but I am hopeful. I just had a ct scan last month and now have tumors spread to both lungs,so any help I get is a benefit no matter how smalll.

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