Cancer Lies and the Medical Establishment

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This is another hard hitting video in the installment that reveals a lot of the lies, misconceptions and truth about the Cancer Industry and how the Medical Establishment works to maximize profits at the expense of helpless, misled, confused cancer patients.  This is not pretty, but it is the absolute truth.  Most physicians can’t speak out about this for the very high risk that they may lose their medical license to practice.  This video is a short 10 minutes, but it is crammed full of the essence of the problem with the conventional cancer treatment paradigm, and the reason why things have been this way for over 50 years.

In short, chemotherapy is derived from chemical warfare agents (specifically, the one called mustine). This is why most chemotherapeutic drugs are cytotoxic (kill cells).  They work by disrupting cellular division and DNA metabolism.  This is highly toxic, but is especially dangerous to fast-growing cells of the body, and not just cancer cells.  Cancer researchers can secure great profits, status, acclaim, grants and awards, jobs, papers and publications without succeeding in treating or curing cancer.

A big problem with the cancer industry is that researchers run experiments on cancer based on animal models.  Animals are biochemically different from people.  So animal experiment results are virtually worthless for human cancers.  What is true for animals may not hold for humans.  This makes all of the billions of dollars spent on research virtually worthless because most cancer experiments are ran on animal models.  The whole approach is to find a “magic bullet” cure for cancer with drugs that are patentable (i.e., profitable) for pharmaceutical companies.  They do not study the type of cancers (i.e., the metastatic tumors) that actually cause the bulk of cancer deaths.

Another suppressed fact about conventional cancer treatments are their highly damaging side effects.  Chemotherapy is extremely deadly.  It is cytotoxic, meaning that it is designed to kill cells, especially fast growing cells like cancer tumors.  But unfortunately, they also kill normal body cells as well.  Normal cells in the body that are also damaged by chemotherapy (because they grow rapidly) are bone marrow cells, the cells in the digestive tract, and hair follicles.  Other side effects of chemo are extreme nausea and vomiting, hair loss, and weight loss (cachexia).

Conventional cancer treatments commonly include surgery and radiation, and both of these are known to be dangerous and cause even more side effects.  Conventional treatments are often called “slash and burn” because it consists of cutting out the affected organs, poisoning the body with chemo and then burning it with radiation.  Another very serious side effect of chemotherapy is called chemobrain, and it is caused because chemo is very toxic to the brain.  Chemo causes brain damage that often leads to memory loss, vision problems, impaired orientation, deterioration of cognitive function, and brain shrinkage.  Chemo is also responsible for causing massive DNA damage that increases a patient’s probability of contracting leukemia later on in life.  In fact, one of the most common side effects of chemotherapy is CANCER!  Astonishingly , chemotherapy and radiation therapy increase the risks of a patient developing future cancers by 300%!

Some researchers found out the truth about conventional cancer therapy, and they reported on it.  Dr. Hardin B Jones, professor at University of California, conducted a 25 year study that examined the life expectancy of people with cancer and concluded that untreated cancer patients didn’t die sooner than patients who received surgery, radiation and chemotherapy.  He actually found that patients who refused conventional cancer treatments actually lived about FOUR TIMES LONGER than those who took them!  These findings have never been refuted to date, and his findings have actually been verified by other researchers.

A Dr. Maurice Fox, an MIT biologist, found that cancer patients that refused conventional cancer therapy had lower mortality rates than those who accepted it.  Dr. Ulrich Abel, a highly-respected German epidemiologist from the Tumor Clinic of the University of Heidelberg, conducted an extensive review of the research that had been done on chemotherapy drugs.  In his paper entitled Chemotherapy of Advanced Epithelial Cancer (which was published in the prestigious medical journal, The Lancet) found that there was NO scientific evidence to demonstrate that chemotherapy could extend the lives of cancer patients with the most common cancers.  He actually said that chemotherapy is a “scientific wasteland” and that neither physician or patients were willing to give it up even though there is NO scientific evidence that it works.  He says that 80% of chemotherapy that is given is totally worthless.

This information is very disturbing, especially to people who have chosen to believe the pronouncements of the ‘experts’ in the Medical Establishment.  But this is the absolute truth about how the cancer industry functions.  The bottom line is that each cancer patient is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars to the cancer industry.  The goal of the cancer industry is to sell their expensive poisons to patients.  The ‘treatments’ for cancer promote cancer and leads to even more cancer and diseases that turn patients into repeat customers.  Instead of curing diseased patients, their diseases are managed with a lifetime of expensive, highly profitable drugs, doctor’s visits and treatments, while anything that may actually cure the patient is called quackery.  With a monopoly on virtually all cancer treatments, conventional cancer treatments allow the Medical Establishment to earn obscene profits.  So don’t expect any cures to come from the cancer industry because it would kill the ‘golden goose’ that cancer has become.

  1. Charles

    So, what do we do to cure this cancer. If the quackery cures cancer, I want some “quackery”. The chemo treatments for the past 5 years are killing us, not to mention steeling any quality of life in between treatments.

  2. admin

    A lot of what they call ‘quackery’ is the true cures, and a lot of the crap that passes for science is the real quackery… But it sounds like you’ve already figured that out. Chemo is basically poison.

  3. Pat

    They’ve known the cause and cure for cancer since 1933, when Otto Warburg found out that cancer developed because there was not enough oxygen in the cells. When he oxygenated the cells (put more oxygen into the cells) the cancer died.

    In the early 1900’s Homeopathic doctors were curing cancer (as well as other degenerative diseases). Allopathic doctors (what most of our doctors are today)didn’t like that because their patients were leaving and going to homeopathic doctors, because their methods actually worked! So the allopathic doctors connected up with powerful drug companies and people and did everything they could to squelch the natural cures the homopathic doctors were using. They were even able to make a law that said that only a drug can cure a disease. So if a doctor were to tell you a natural cure for your disease, he could lose his license and be put in jail because he broke the law. (Even though the law is not true; there’s never been a drug that cured anything!

    There are natural cures out there, but YOU have to find them on your own, because “they” won’t help you find them…it would cut into their profits too much.

  4. wingblack

    Watch run from the cure the Rick Simpson story on YouTube

  5. Ron Walton

    The foundation of my page is cancer. I look for natural means and post as much clinical as possible. The cause is what I call chicken soup, a combined effort of events to create the cancer. Reversing the underlying cause is the same. Restoring the body to its own natural defense and providing it the tools/foods/supplements to destroy the cancer. Homeopath doctors/ practitioners were always on the right track. Our own immune system works best at killing cancer when working properly.

  6. Ron Walton

    In 2000 there was a clinical study done on the effects of THC on brain rumors in lab rats. The THC was injected directly into the tumor. The cancer was killed with no side effects. All the rats survived and the cancer did not return. I have the study posted in my Facebook notes and on my page Immunocal ( Heal Thy Self )

  7. Veronique

    There are so many alternatives to the so-called conventional treatments. Changing our diets to be 100% whole foods plant based is what Max Gerson has used successfully to cure people of cancer decades ago. His daughter Charlotte Gerson still continues his work.

  8. Rhonda

    I have taken one chemo treatment and have decided that I do not want more. The first treatment had so many negative side effects that I felt tht I would die and if not after this first one, surely at the end of 8 such treatments.

    I need my body to work properly, to absorb food, and to feel emotionally sound.

    I thought that doctors had an imperative to “first do no harm.”

  9. Helen Garvey

    Did you know that a cure for cancer totals an extension of life that surpasses more than five years? Did you also know that any doctor claiming to cure cancer, especially using a non-toxic treatment could have their medical licence revoked? I am angered by the constant harassment on the TV and now by celebrities, in Channel 4’s Stand Up to Cancer, who are, yet again, asking for more of our money to fund cancer research.

    Sorry guys, but there is too much money in cancer treatments, especially the toxic kinds approved by the corrupt Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Big Pharma, to demand such a miraculous result. The cure for cancer that big pharma wants is a profitable one. Homeopathic remedies and other natural cures are not the big money earners. Cancer drugs are there to provide the patient with a better life, so that the patient continues to return to rely on the treatment and buy the product. What right do doctors have in saying that a patient with an inoperable type of cancer or tumour has several months to live, and chemotherapy or radiation is the only way to provide that additional time? How ignorant! Maybe they are just as much in the dark as we are, although I highly doubt it.

    If you are big on truth then you have to watch the documentary on Dr Burzynski and the amazing breakthroughs he found with antineoplastons medicines. He discovered that non-cancerous victims produced the exact amino acids and proteins that are not contained in cancer patients. He used auto-urine therapy to discover what the patients needed, then synthesised these molecules into a medicine that treated tumours deemed inoperable by so-called medical experts. Unfortunately, his antineoplastons medicines are not approved for use in cancer prevention therapy, but Dr Burzynski continues to cure patients in clinical trials. You can sign up to a clinical trial.

    Later in the video, lying doctor Dvorit Samid, who had previously worked with Dr Burzynski, claimed that she was the inventor of antineoplastons, and filed a patent with the USA and the Department of Health and Human Services, even though she knew full well that Dr Burzynski already had the patent for antineoplastons. Meanwhile, the FDA and other authorities were working behind the scenes to throw Dr Burzynski in jail so that he would’t be able to fight against the stolen patent. Later in the video, Dr Samid and the assignee state that the need for antineoplastons in cancer prevention treatment is necessary because:

    Current approaches to combat cancer rely primarily on the use of chemical and radiation, which are themselves carcinogenic and may promote recurrences and the development of metastatic disease.

    It seems that many cancer doctors who speak out about the conventional toxic cancer treatments can lose their medical licence, but at least they have a heart…and a backbone. I cannot believe that money and power is ruling over human lives. In the UK, the cost of living is very overpriced. Gas and electricity prices are rising, petrol is at an astronomical rate, and food costs are rising. I’m glad that I experimented with water fasting because at least I know that if worst comes to worst, I could live on water. It won’t kill me, but I’ll be very weak.

    Please watch the full length of this movie and be horrified by the actions of FDA, the National Cancer Institute, and the Big Pharma, who do not want to save lives, but to keep people in a state of misery and dependence on expensive cancer drugs.

    We have been told lie upon lie by the medical establishments. I don’t know why the hell we have to go to school, to be taught such crap. Thank fuck my mind was elsewhere. However, I am grateful that I am able to read and write. Medical science is not so advanced, especially the greedy bastards at the top of the triangle are trying to put doctors and natural therapy experts out of business for curing cancer. Spread the message. Let’s stop this lie.

    Talking of cancer research, I wonder why Turn your city pink! Raise awareness for breast cancer, Breast Cancer Awareness, and Stand up to Cancer are frauds because they have deleted my comments and videos trying to spread awareness in telling Dr Burzynski’s amazing cancer curing story. My only wonder is that they are pro cancer and receiving big bucks from big pharma. These people are not about raising awareness, they are out for the £££££. In supporting these charities, you are effectively just giving the big pharma companies more money, when all of the money for cancer research should go an institution that is actually showing that they cure cancer.

    We need to work together to spread awareness about the cancer lie. Please help me to do so in publishing this article on your website or blog. Thank you!

  10. Christopher

    I take E with C, and use E to help with A (A toxicity). I take a few types of B. Also yeast, lecithin, pancreatic enzymes and other supplements. I have lung cancer, but am getting well. All these stories that vitamin E is bad is a lie. Same for laetrile, B-17. Too many cancer survivors out there that agree.

  11. Lorena

    What about this explosion of the number of children diagnosed with brain tumors? We have the technology to see inside the body like never before. What may be a perfectly normal image of your brain might be interpreted as a “tumor”. Then we have to account for “dirt” or “artifacts” on the film/image

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