Dr. Samuel Epstein on the Cancer Industry

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Award-winning Professor of Medicine, Dr. Samuel Epstein speaks out on the truth about the American Cancer Society (ACS).  Unfortunately, the video has been removed, but I did write a summary of it below.

He starts by talking about how laden women’s cosmetics and many widely-used skin care products are full of carcinogenic chemicals that are readily absorbed through the skin.  He goes on to state that virtually the entire United States population is being exposed to hundreds of cancer causing chemicals every day, with no warnings.  He wonders how this can happen when the Food and Drug Administration is supposed to prevent this from happening.

He then describes the Cancer Establishment, which is led by the National Cancer Institute (NCI), which has a $4.2 billion annual budget, which is a 2,000% increase from the inception of the War on Cancer that was implemented by President Richard Nixon.  Unfortunately, the NCI is more concerned with cancer screening, cancer diagnosis and cancer treatment.  A small emphasis is placed on cancer research, but not as much as the average person would believe.  There is no emphasis on cancer prevention.  He gives the reason for this lack of priority placed on cancer prevention as a result of an entrenched mindset in scientific circles.  I do not agree with this, as the profit motive, along with a risk of professional ostracism, would appear to be a much more powerful threat to any medical heretic who would embrace an unorthodox cancer treatment method.

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