New Melanoma Cancer Drug

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This sounds like a promising drug, but it is basically a pharmaceutical drug that is attempting to replicate the action of many cheaper, more effective, less toxic natural substances.

This drug, called Ipilimumab, is a drug that is alleged to cause the body’s immune system to fight the cancer instead of using the traditional strategy of using chemotherapy or radiation to directly kill cancer cells.  Unfortunately, this strategy also kills and damages normal body cells, and leads to severely debilitating side effects. Ipilimumab has side effects, and is reported to cause diarrhea, hepatitis and rashes in some patients. In fact, research results on this drug are mixed, and it is not certain whether or not this substance will prove to be effective.  This substance is a monoclonal antibody, and is not truly an agent that is specifically used to increase the integrity of the immune system.

As promising as this drug appears to be, it is claimed that it increases terminal melanoma patient’s life span 6-10 months.  This is a large percentage increase, but I can’t see calling a 10 month life expectancy an great breakthrough. Most people want to live long, healthy lives, and this doesn’t accomplish that.  The video also reports American Cancer Society statistics that show that melanoma cancer rates increased by 32% from 2000 to 2009 (i.e., from 47,000 cases of melanoma to 69,000).

Even though the physician on the video claims that this is a new approach to cancer treatment, it is only new to allopathic physicians because naturopaths and other alternative health care practitioners have known for years that the body’s own immune system is the only known mechanism that fights cancer and other things that attack the body.  No physician or health practitioner heals or cures anyone!  The only thing that can heal the body is itself! Anyone who tells you anything different is either lying to you or is ignorant of this truth.

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