How Not to Treat Cancer

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I couldn’t contain myself after going to a blog that discusses cancer treatments. They were essentially talking negatively about homeopathic treatments for cancer in this blog post.  I found it interesting.  I am not sure about the effectiveness of homeopathy treatments for any disease.  Personally, I haven’t seen or found any evidence for the effectiveness of homeopathy.  It seemed to me to be an easy target for derision.  I noticed that they didn’t choose to discuss any more efficacious treatments, such as Laetrile/B-17, Hoxsey’s formula, Essiac, etc.

So I went ahead and posted my own comments on the topic.  I think it was a board that will probably be adverse to my comments and views, but I went ahead and posted it anyway.  I’ll just post here what I said and let you check it out:

I’m not sure about the value of homeopathy, but I am sure about the stale, dated approaches of allopathic medicine to cancer treatment and the blatant, rampant conflicts of interest that are present in the cancer industry. The proverbial foxes are in charge of the hen house here. There are massive political and financial incentives for researchers and the people in control of the cancer establishment to perpetrate the status quo, and that is exactly what they do. You can take all the money that all alternative cancer practitioners have made, and it wouldn’t equal a tenth of one percent of the many hundreds of billions/trillions of dollars that the Medical Establishment have made over the years.

I’m not saying that all alternative cancer treatment methods are effective. But it is an insult to the intelligence of any thinking person to truly believe that NO ONE IN HISTORY has EVER come up with an effective, non-toxic treatment method for cancer over a 100 year period! Even if one just took the IUPAC list of chemicals and ran through them, you would eventually find one that was non-toxic and effective for cancer treatment. But you will find many credentialed, highly-acclaimed scientists who were politically destroyed because their treatments were a threat to huge financial interests that earn their money, status and power based on the status quo.

There is definitely a better approach to cancer treatment than chemotherapy drugs(based on chemical warfare agents), radiation(everybody knows how toxic this is) and surgery(butchery). How about something that does not destroy the immune system like chemo, but something that strengthens it? The toughest part of this is that many studies by the ‘authorities’ are stacked to insure that no ‘credible’ studies that prove that any alternative treatments are effective. Meanwhile, many thousands and millions of people have to suffer and die of cancer. For all of the hoopla about these ‘modern’ cancer treatments, they still haven’t found a cure, or even anything outside of the ‘holy three’ treatments. I wonder why that is, after 50+ years of research and many billions spent, we still have the exact same treatment methods. It doesn’t take a Ph.D. to understand this, but it does take someone willing to step outside of the conditioning and reverence to authority figures that work incessantly to enforce their ideas upon the minds of the unsuspecting public and those naive enough to believe that any scientific research can be 100% objective.

I’m not accusing the majority of physicians of being complicit with this.  I believe that most of them have been the victim of a medical education that has been crafted & designed according to the dictates of pharmaceutical companies.  I hope that people can one day receive more honest research and a fresh, more effective approach to cancer research and the medical education that physicians receive in school.

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