Big Pharma Marketing Antics

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This is a video on Big Pharma and how they are more focused on making money than on treating patients.  We are literally drowning in prescription medications.  The most amazing part of this is that most ‘new’ drugs that are released to the market are either old drugs that are given a new name, or ‘me too’ drugs that are not really any more effective than the drugs that they are replacing.

The bottom line is that patients are being used as profit patsies.  One drug, Nexium®, is being pushed as a new drug, but it is essentially identical to the drug is it allegedly replacing, Prilosec®.  This move by the manufacturer of the drug made it one of the best-selling drugs in history.  The fact that it is not really different from the old drug shows that the marketing was what made this drug so popular. The old Over-the-counter (OTC) Prilosec® is $24, generic Prilosec® is $119, and the new, virtually identical Nexium® is $171.

Gullible patients who trust the Medical Establishment will not question or understand this sleight-of-hand.  The pharmaceutical companies can sell virtually anything they want to trusting consumers.  The many billions of dollars spent on pharmaceutical advertisements are definitely working.  These commercials are very brief and succinct in their content and effect.  In contrast, I went to actually find the full prescribing information for Prilosec® and found that it was 34 pages long!  And it is full of contraindications, side effects and other technical information that would probably be important to the people taking this drug.  I guarantee you that the vast majority of patients never read this material because is is very technical.  In short, this drug is not as benign as the ad would lead you to believe.

The only reason why Big Pharma can get away with this is because patients are not aware of what is really going on here.  Take conscious notice of the constant barrage of pharmaceutical commercials that come on the television the next time you watch.  It is amazing that they can run this many drug advertisements. Remember that the expense for these advertisements are included in the drug’s price.  Many people don’t care about the final price because health insurance takes care of a lot of it, but this cost is reflected in your bottom line, even if not immediately and directly.  It could be argued that these exorbitant pharmaceutical expenses are wrecking the country.  Economic times are not as good as they were before, and big corporations are not known for their concern for average people.  Just be more aware about what goes on ‘behind the scenes’ that are presented to us.  The first thing we have to do to fight this is to be aware that it is going on.

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