Big Pharma Spends Money to Influence Physicians’ Prescription Choices

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Big Pharma spends large amounts of money to influence physicians’ prescriptions.  These pharmaceutical companies are profit machines, and that is their highest priority.  They work to maximize profits, and that involves selling as many prescription drugs as possible.  It is an insane, persistent push to maximize sales.  It doesn’t matter if patients are over-medicated.  It doesn’t matter if people die as a result of being given these medications because they can harm people.

Patients are recommended to do their own research on the drugs that they take.  They need to protect themselves from possible over-medication.  Even though we have been conditioned to look for the ‘quick fix’, we need to be more reasoning.  People must understand that there is no such thing as a ‘quick fix’.  Prescription medications are not a long-term solution for health problems.  Most health problems are a result of unhealthy diets, unhealthy living, too little exercise, and a lack of understanding of the principles of healthy living.

Most people don’t know that Big Pharma companies spend exorbitant amounts of money on marketing and influencing physicians.  There are over 10,000 pharmaceutical sales representatives in the United States, and they make sure that physicians know about them and their drugs.  They inundate physicians and other medical professionals with branded pens, stethoscope tags, post-it notes & stationery, and anything else that you can think of.  An amazing fact is that they gave away $16 billion dollars worth of prescription drugs to physicians in the form of free samples last year.  They would not do this if it was not profitable, and didn’t influence physicians to prescribe their drugs.

Pharmaceutical sales representatives are able to spend unlimited amounts of money on physicians when they classify their expenditures under the category of  ‘Educational’.  In this way, they can give away bribes and kickbacks to physicians without it being readily obvious.  Gifts, trips, golf clubs, liquor, and any other item they purchase for physicians is fine as long as they are classified under Educational Expenses.  The only reason they do this is because it makes them money.  Doctors’ prescription writing records are closely tracked so that pharmaceutical companies can quickly evaluate the economic effect of their marketing tactics.

The bottom line is that this huge expenditure to get people to take drugs, and for doctors to prescribe drugs creates an environment where there is little objectivity in this process.  People get paid huge sums of money to prescribe drugs.  This gives physicians huge incentives to prescribe drugs instead of choosing other methods of therapy that don’t involve drugs.  Patients may want to consider treatment methods that treat the cause of their diseases instead of prescription drugs that are designed to mask their symptoms.  This has obvious ramifications for cancer patients and the cancer drugs that they are asked to take.  The cancer industry is a subset of the pharmaceutical industry and the medical industry.  The Medical Establishment is in control of it all.

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