Big Pharma Doesn’t Want to Cure Cancer or Any Other Diseases

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This is a 9 minute video made by Gwen Olsen, a woman who spent 15 years as a pharmaceutical sales representative.  She is definitely an industry insider, and she was appalled at what she was witnessing.  She couldn’t take it anymore, and has been on a crusade to spread the word about what she has seen of the pharmaceutical industry.  You will not hear this type of information from the majority of health care professionals because they want to have jobs, and many have spent many years to have the ability to work in the medical field.  She gave up her job because her conscience wouldn’t allow her to do it anymore.

The fact is that Big Pharma is not in the business of healing or healthThey are really in the business of disease maintenance and symptom management. They are not in the business of cures because this would put them out of business. That is not a priority that would increase shareholders’ wealth, so it is not a priority for any pharmaceutical company.  They want to keep making money and keep earning higher profits.  This is not a conspiracy theory because it is backed up with many factual observations and facts that have been painstakingly documented.  But you will not see these facts being publicized by mainstream sources.

Big Pharma and the pharmaceutical industry does not have a goal to cure people.  This would make it impossible for them to make the billions of dollars that they currently make.  In the current paradigm, patients are treated for diseases and disorders.  In fact, they are put on drugs and treatments, many of which a patient is supposed to take for life.  This converts every patient under treatment into a cash stream, or a source of drug sales for a long period of time.  This approach is much more profitable than curing a patient in one or two visits.  There is no long-term profit to be made from a cured patient.

Ms Olsen’s specialty was psychiatric drugs, but the industry paradigm is the same.  So although she speaks about antidepressant drugs (SSRI’s), the same things could be said about cancer and cancer treatments.  She found that the SSRI drugs were known to be very toxic, and to have very severe side effects, and that they were also very tough for patients to quit.  They have severe withdrawal symptoms.  This is analogous to cancer treatments like chemotherapy and radiation.

Chemotherapy is derived from chemical warfare agents, and is extremely toxic.  In fact, some chemotherapeutic agents are among the most toxic chemicals known to man.  Radiation is well known to be extremely toxic and dangerous.  This is why health care professionals run to hide behind leaded walls before they irradiate cancer patients. It was always amazing to me that patients watch health care professionals run to hide behind leaded walls while they sit to be exposed to these dangerous rays.  I can’t understand how people can willingly accept poisons masquerading as medicines.  And we wonder why the country is getting sicker.

You must understand that you must be very wary of taking pharmaceutical drugs if you want to get, or remain healthy.  In clinical trials (which pharmaceutical companies have virtually total control over), they test the drugs against placebos, not other drugs.  In this (and other) ways, pharmaceutical companies can tweak or even falsify research to make their drugs appear to be effective.  But unfortunately, most drugs are not much more effective than placebos.

If you don’t think that Big Pharma is interested in profits, understand that the pharmaceutical industry makes about 5-6 times more money than any other industry in the Fortune 500.  With corporations running things, there is no wonder why patients are seen as profit centers, sources of income & profits, and why nobody with any influence in the industry cares about such mundane things as side effects and drug efficacy.

You must understand that this will affect you, or someone you love.  You must understand that there are better alternatives to health than pharmaceutical drugs.  There are natural, nutritional approaches to disease that are much more effective than drugs.  Diet, lifestyle and exercise can change your life and lead to better health than drugs.  Usually, when you get on the pharmaceutical drug merry-go-round, you will be on it for life, and your quality of health will steadily deteriorate.  Take this information and do your own research on the topic. It could save your life, or the life of someone important to you.

  1. Eido Cohen

    “…the Pharmaceutical Industry makes 5-6 times more money than any other industry in the Fortune 500.” This is complete nonsense… look at the 2012 rankings of the pharma industry in the Fortune 500:

    Whether you are looking at revenue or profit, the pharmaceutical industry is far (FAR!) from making “5-6 times more money that any other industry in the Fortune 500”.

  2. admin

    I apologize for the old reference from a 2003 article( Nevertheless, the pharmaceutical industry is a huge, multi-billion dollar industry. They make obscene amounts of money by TREATING diseases instead of CURING diseases. Every patient cured is a patient that isn’t paying anymore. That’s why they will never come up with a ‘cure’ for cancer, especially one that is cheap, effective and/or readily available. I know, there’s no such thing as a ‘conspiracy’, but all these people making big money from the status quo have a big vested interest in keeping things the same, and making sure that people never figure out that vitamins, minerals, healthy diets and getting rid of toxins are the only cures for diseases, and that pharmaceutical drugs will never cure any disease, and never have. As long as they can keep people placing their trust and faith in pharmaceutical drugs, their profits are safe. But when (not if) people finally tire of drugs instead of cures, their profits from drugs will be finished.

  3. Stiffie Fornicatesthedead

    You’re forgetting that CNN is MASS MEDIA and not a credible news source.

  4. Matt Mc

    Ugh, don’t just say there are tons of facts. PROVIDE them, and let them be judged on their merit and not your opinions.

  5. admin

    I gave a bunch of links to resources, and wrote plenty of articles giving the facts. I can’t give you ALL of the facts, nor can just one book. In the article, I told you to do your own research. I didn’t tell you to believe me, but to do your own research and come up with your own opinion. In fact, most all the articles on this site have resources and links to other articles that can give you access to do your own research. The main thing is to not follow ANYONE blindly, and to be well-informed before you choose what cancer treatment method would be best for you.

  6. Deb S

    I totally agree with you. I have been saying this for years. I am appalled how many people run to be poisioned and suffer more from chemo and radiation. My big questi8n is why are people so terrified to die. Truly I am just going to a place where I will be whole and complete for etenity. We will all die, I choose not to pay the drug companies and gov.more of my money and not leave it for those left here.

  7. James A. Brown Jr.

    I completely agree with this article, it makes perfect sense to me. It doesn’t take a Rocket Scientist to see what’s been going on for many years within the Pharmaceutical Industry, which it seems is nothing more than a Profit Making Machine. As the old saying goes: “The Proof Is In The Pudding”, and they Pudding is Rancid…

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