Michael Douglas-Another Future Victim of the Cancer Establishment?

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Michael Douglas announced that he has been diagnosed with stage 4 throat cancer.  He says that he has already started chemotherapy and radiation therapy.  On an interview with David Letterman, he also stated that he thought he had an 80% chance of recovery.  Although he sounded optimistic, I found that at one point in the interview, he said that he knew that the treatments would be hard & that his condition would get worse.  This is definitely how most cases go with conventional cancer treatments.  He did not look healthy to me.

I do wish him the best of luck with this, but the prognosis is not good.  Unfortunately, he has already decided to go with the highly toxic conventional cancer treatment regimen of chemotherapy and radiation.  Chemotherapy is essentially chemical warfare agent type substances.  I know that some people get better with chemotherapy, but I think that most of these cases could be termed Pyrrhic victories.  How much value is it if a patient gets the cancer to go into remission, and then has a ‘relapse’ to which she succumbs?  Even though there are people that benefit from chemotherapy and radiation, this is a small minority of cancer patients.

The bad part about the conventional cancer treatment regimens is that the chemotherapy is not a cure, but is said to be only given to prevent further metastases.  The radiation is supposed to destroy the cancer cells, but they will almost always inadvertently destroy some normal cells.  The worst part about the chemotherapy and radiation is that they both severely weaken the patient’s immune system, the only part of the body that can fight cancers.  This is why many patients who are ‘cured’ of their cancer develop secondary cancers later on.

In general, the 5 year survival rate for people with oral or pharyngeal cancer is approximately 50%, but I’m sure that it is less for people with a Stage 4 diagnosis. From my cursory investigation into survival rate statistics for this type of cancer, the reporting is not very straightforward.  I am going to have to do a more in-depth study of the entire question about reported survival rates.  I do know that many statistics are ‘massaged’ so that they present a more optimistic picture than what the reality is about the effectiveness of chemotherapy and radiation.

If these treatments were really as successful as we are being led to believe, cancer would not be one of the highest causes of death in the United States, or the world.  Nobody greatly fears a diagnosis of the flu, but nobody wants to have a diagnosis of cancer.  This is because there are no real cures or important breakthroughs in cancer treatment that the Medical Establishment has embraced.  Influenza was a leading cause of death around the turn of the century, but today is is almost a joke because effective treatments have been developed for it.  The same thing cannot be said for cancer.

Although they claim otherwise, the Cancer Establishment and the Medical Establishment will not allow any treatment that they do not control to become popular.  They make too much profit from the present treatments.  The Cancer Industry is a multi-billion dollar cash cow to these people, and it is jealously and vigorously guarded.  If you doubt that, just try to introduce anything outside of chemotherapy, radiation or surgery, and you will invoke the wrath of the medical gatekeepers.  There have been numerous people who have tried, and they were all ridiculed, ostracized, ran out of the country, convicted, or kicked out of the scientific and medical circles.

Do your research if you doubt this.  Have ALL the scientists, physicians and other medical professionals and laypeople who have found effective, non-toxic treatments for cancer been frauds?  This is highly doubtful.  By the same reasoning, do you really believe that after over 50 years of research and many billions of dollars spent, the only treatments for cancer that have been found are exactly the same ones that existed before these great expenditures of time, money and effort?  Step outside of your conditioning and look behind the curtain of the Medical Establishment.

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