Police Target Organic Food Store in California

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This is amazing to see, but not totally unpredicted.

This is the result of big corporations working to suppress threats to their profits.  Organic foods are not under their control, and the police and other regulatory agencies (like FDA, EPA, AMA, NCI, ACS, etc.) are bought off by these large industries.  The people that make their money from mass production and mass marketing do not like their profits threatened.  What other rationale would police have to run into a GROCERY STORE with guns drawn like they were headed into a drug house or a terrorist threat?  Intimidation of people that don’t ‘act right’ has become the standard operating procedure for regulators and corporate powers that only value money and profits.

Also, organic foods are much more healthy for people.  They do not create diseases in people like mass produced foods, and highly processed foods.  These highly processed foods are full of dangerous, disease-causing food additives and other various chemicals that are unhealthy for people.  But this also works in favor of those who make money treating disease.  The more diseased the population, the more profits they make treating sick people.  It is sick, but this is how it works.

This is applicable to the cancer industry because the same thing is done to people who find and promote cancer treatments that are outside of approved medical orthodoxy.  This video is evidence of the extent to which corporate powers and related people will go to protect their profits.  You are free to seek out information and food that big corporations profit from. But if you stray outside of that realm, you might have a problem.  This is a wake-up call to people. Hopefully more people will wake up and begin to fight for their rights to seek out whatever foods and treatments they want, regardless of the opinion of people in corporate positions.  Is this America, or is this Nazi Germany?  You be the judge.

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