Jimmy Keller and Cancer Cures

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This is another man who has worked to treat and cure cancer. He tells a bit about his story and what he has done.

This man was diagnosed with cancer, and had cancer surgery to remove tumors from his ear and other structures that were near it (i.e., lymph nodes, neck muscles, etc.).  He was told that all the cancer was removed, but he later found more tumor growths on his head.  The physicians told him that chemotherapy and radiation would not work on his form of melanoma.  At that point, he declined to undergo further conventional cancer treatments.

He was despondent, but his parents were praying for him.  They received an anonymous letter urging him to visit an alternative cancer clinic in Dallas.  He went to it and found that there were people who were being helped by this clinic.  This was in 1969.  He began to learn more and more about non-toxic cancer treatments and protocols.  He began to combine substances and treatment protocols. In his experience, he found that a combination of treatments and methods usually worked better than single ones.

The more he worked at it, the more that he saw people were being helped.  He began to help others, often at his own expense.  He said that he never operated for a profit.  As the word spread that he was helping people, more and more people were coming to his house for treatment.  As usual, once the medical authorities found out about this, he began to be pressured and harassed by them.  He was told that he should go down to Mexico like most other alternative cancer practitioners had done.  He moved his place down to Tijuana.  From the video, it appears that his facility is called St Jude International Clinic.

In short, Jimmy Keller was relentlessly pursued by the medical mafia and the regulators and law enforcement that basically work for them.  Even though this was not fully covered by the video, it was covered in an account given about Jimmy Keller and his Cancer Clinic.  It is reasonable to expect medical practitioners to be properly educated and licensed.  But what are we to do when those who are properly licensed and educated are rigging research, suppressing cures, foisting ineffective treatments on patients and making record profits while doing it?  What happens when the professionals are using poison as cancer treatments?  How about when they ridicule and destroy the people who are actually curing cancer?  Does this make rebellion against the establishment a moral imperative for all decent people?  Who will stand up for the truth when lies are immensely more profitable and easier to just ‘go along to get along’ with?

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