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Physicians had no answers to this man’s cancer problem, but he found effective actions in spite of this.

It just goes to show you that just because the ‘experts’ may be dumbfounded, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t an answer to your questions and solutions to your health problems.

But you must be aware that this is what is termed an ‘anecdotal’ report, and isn’t scientifically valid.  By that same token, there is something here that is worthy of study because of the positive result that Brad received by doing what he did.  The scientific standard for a study is called the randomized, double-blind study. Neither the experimental subjects or the researchers know who is in the control group (the group that receives no treatment or a placebo) and the experimental group (the group that receives the treatment under investigation).

Brad had been diagnosed with a large tumor that had metastasized inside of his chest.  It was so big that it made it appear as if he were having a heart attack.  Doctors removed the tumor, and afterward, he was given 4 rounds of chemotherapy with the drug regimen that included cisplatin, bleomycin and etoposide.  He reported that there were side effects from these drugs, but he didn’t identify them.  The chemotherapy failed, and he refused to undergo stronger chemotherapy doses and more surgery to remove a lobe of one of his lungs.

He went and tried apricot kernels (also known as vitamin B-17 or laetrile), and an alkaline diet.  He reports that his tumors shrank under this regimen.  in addition, a nutritionist friend recommended that he tried glyconutrients.  These are sugars that are known to have an antimicrobial effect, and that also improve health.  Brad reports that he has been doing better.  He does not get asked about what he did by any physicians.  He has also began to help others with their fight against cancer, and says that they are also seeing positive results.

This is not meant to be medical advice, but is only offered to get cancer patients to expand their mental horizons.  If your conventional cancer treatment is not working, you may want to do your own research and find something that may work for you.  Cancer does not have to be a death sentence.  The more informed you are, the higher the probability that you will beat your cancer.  Remember that medical doctors are prohibited from using any method outside of chemotherapy, radiation or surgery to treat tumors.  They are not allowed to actually treat cancer, but only to shrink tumors.

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