Alternative Cancer Treatment Testimonial-2

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This is another cancer patient, Chris of Adelaide, Australia.  He basically give his own testimonial.

In short, Chris was experiencing constipation, blood in his stools and piles (hemorrhoids).  He went to physicians and was diagnosed with Stage 4 rectal cancer.  He said that he was not in much pain at that time. The tumor was fairly large, at 13-16 cm.

He was treated with chemotherapy and later, radiation.  He said that the radiation gave him severe side effects, and he had lost approximately 20 kg (about 40 lbs).  The last straw was when his doctors recommended that he have his rectum surgically removed.  He would have to use a colostomy bag for the rest of his life.  He declined this procedure.

After this, he decided to try something else.  He started studying.  He also started improving his diet, and also started taking a lot of natural substances.  He took apricot kernels, vitamin B-17, spirulina, vitamin A, vitamin D, shark cartilage, drank more water, and other various things.  He then reported that his health started improving.  After 3 months of this treatment regimen, he went back to the clinic to get a blood test.  He said that his tumor markers has dropped down to a 1, and that his tumor was just a speck.  Three months after that, all signs of his cancer were gone.

Nobody at the hospital asked him anything about what he had done to get rid of his cancer.  His oncologist said that he was lucky.  Chris said that he had learned that cancer is a metabolic disease, and that the immune system collapse is a big cause of it.  He said that he learned that he had to stop drinking alcohol, eating processed foods like sausage, sugar.  He said that he learned that he ate superfoods and raw milk.  These are some of the things that helped him to beat his cancer.

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