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This is a testimonial for alternative cancer treatments from an Australian named Paul.  He is 66 years old at the time of the video, and worked as an architect before he was not able to pursue his career anymore.

Paul was diagnosed with a non-Hodgkins lymphoma around 1997.  He said that it was a small cell, low grade, slow-growing type of cancer.  His physicians told him that his cancer would not respond to any forms of radiation or chemotherapy.  This meant that Paul had no choice but to pursue alternative cancer treatment methods.  He reports that he is happy that he did not do any traditional cancer treatment methods (i.e., chemotherapy, radiation or surgery).

His wife, Cheryl, helped him a lot.  She is the one who did most of the hard study and research on alternative cancer treatments.  She was very tenacious in her study.  In short, he went to a health retreat.

He was placed in a 10 day cleansing program that included juice fasting and a special diet that was based around vegetarian recipes.  Paul had to totally cut out all animal products from his diet.  He also drank lots of pure water between meals.  The goal of all of this was to clean his body of the toxic overload that was one of the biggest causes of his cancer.  It was also designed to rebuild and strengthen his immune system.  His regimen also included a lot of supplements–vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

In the first year of his treatment, he consumed a lot of live juices like carrot juice, celery juice, and green powders with barley and wheat grass twice a day.  He took flax seed oil (2 tablespoons per day), bee pollen for its antioxidant activity, sea minerals (which were from the health retreat, which worked good).  There were also colloidal minerals that he used after leaving the health retreat.  In fact, he said that these minerals had a more powerfully positive effect on his health than the minerals he took from the health retreat.  He also included pine bark extract (also known as pycnogenol) and grape seed extract.  He also included essential fatty acids in his supplement regimen.

Cheryl said that he didn’t add the laetrile/vitamin B-17/amygdalin to his supplement regimen until about 3 years after his diagnosis.  This was only because they didn’t learn of it until this time.  He actually took apricot kernels.  He started with 5 apricot kernels per day, and worked his way up to 30 kernels per day.  At present, he takes a maintenance dose of 12 kernels per day.  His health greatly improved when he added the apricot kernels to his supplementation.

Paul’s oncologist told him not to get a CAT scan because it would expose him to more radiation.  His condition is stabilized.  He goes to his general practitioner every six months for a health checkup to make sure that he’s doing ok.  His lymph nodes and spleen are normal size.  If they increase in size, this would be a sign that his cancer was getting out of control.

In this testimonial, it must be stated that Paul had time because his cancer was a slow-growing cancer.  Fast growing cancers require more aggressive treatments and strategies because time is not on the side of the patient in these cases.

Although this is an anecdotal testimonial, it can be instructive because of the positive benefits that the patient got from taking these steps in eradicating his cancer.  It technically is not ‘evidence’, but it definitely worked for Paul.   Some of the principles that he used should be of value to the majority of cancer patients.

  1. constant tinople

    I too was diagnosed with that disease in 1997. I never had radiation nor chemotherapy but instead was leaved in surveyance as the disease could not be easily ameliorated by conventional treatments.I took magadoses of vitamins and I releived completely in about 6 months. Today I stil take megadoses.
    Nobody in the medical community has ever accepted to study my case and to try to understand wyh megadoses worked well.
    My disease was exactly the type you are reporting: non hodgkin type B lymphoma.

  2. admin

    Congratulations on exercising your freedom to find an answer to your health condition on your own. It shouldn’t be that way, but entrenched political and financial interests have made a cure for cancer ‘untenable’. People in the medical community are wedded to the status quo because that is how the industry is structured to make money. Anybody who bucks the system is ‘excommunicated’. It is amazing to witness how ‘science’ is replaced with ‘scientific dogma’. Unfortunately, the mass media, Big Pharma, government and associated regulators, the medical schools and the AMA are all making immense profits from the present state of what passes for ‘health care’ in America. It is mind-boggling to actually come to an understanding of how biased the so-called experts have become. Maybe they have always been like that. Most people just take the path of least resistance and follow the dictates of the so-called experts. I think that people are beginning to wake up to what is really happening in cancer treatment, as well as in other areas of human endeavor. There is a great need for the truth to come out, but we will never get it from any mainstream sources, so don’t waste your time believing that…

  3. S

    I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Non Hodgkins Lymphoma in 2012. I started the pH Miracle program ( one month after I was diagnosed and Dr. Robert Young, PhD, who created the program, counseled me on the program. I followed the very strict cleanse part of the program for 5 months and I have followed the pH Miracle program, being a vegan for a year. I prayed every day and other people prayed for me (the Richard Roberts and Morris Cerullo prayer lines). My priest gave me the annointing of the sick many times and prayed with me. Fr. Joe Whalen, a priest from Connecticut ( the gift of healing from God prayed for me and asked Jesus to heal me. As part of Dr. Young’s program I took 50,000 IU of Vitamin D a day for 3-4 months, then started taking about 15,000 IU a day. For about 4 months I took 9 Essiac capsules a day from Essiac International in Canada. I also took 9 capsules of curcumin from Invite Health, the pH Miracle supplements Dr. Young suggested, and about 3 pharmaceutical grade capsules of Boswellin extract from Nature Plus a day. My CBC went to normal about 5 months after the program.
    I went to the oncologist one year after I was diagnosed and the cancer was gone from my small intestine. The oncologists say they have never seen anything like it. I was previously in incredible health before being diagnosed, and my health has come back.

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