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This testimonial is by Dorothy from Melbourne, Australia.  She is 64 years old at the time of the video.  She was a stay-at-home mother.

Dorothy was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in December of 2002.  She underwent surgery in January of 2003 to remove her ovarian tumor and about one half of her colon because the tumor had metastasized.  She was left having to use a colostomy bag afterward. She underwent chemotherapy from February to May of 2003.  During this time, she learned about a physician with an MD and was also a naturopath.

The naturopath had her start drinking a raw fruit juice that was freshly juiced. It contains celery, carrots and other fruits. Sometimes a little apple or ginger is added to improve the taste.  This naturopath also had her start taking apricot kernels.  She started off taking 30 kernels per day.  Her maintenance dosage is 10 kernels per day.  She also began to eat more fish and cut back on red meats.

Around June, her doctors were amazed that she was doing so well.  None of the MD physicians were interested in the diet that she used to help her beat cancer.  She recommends that women who are suspected of having ovarian cancer have an ultrasound performed to identify possible tumors.

I think that she might have been able to save her ovaries and colon if she had learned about alternative cancer treatments earlier.  But at least she is still alive and thriving.

  1. Anna

    Can I please have the name of the doctor in Melbourne? Please!!!


  2. admin

    I don’t have the name of the doctor in Melbourne. Apologies.

  3. Denise

    For people reading in Australia, I want to advise you to avoid any apricot kernels being sold as “food grade”. They have been tested for vitamin B17 and found to have a very small amount. A clinic in Melbourne has tested all apricot kernels in Australia, including those I had been using. The kernels I was using come in a black bag with an orange label, and they are apparently next to useless. You will taste how weak they are once you replace them with the bitter kind. I was also warned to steer clear of all foreign apricot kernels, which this company also sells. These are old and treated by AQIS. Opportunistic people exist in all areas of the cancer industry – not just pharmaceutical. If you can’t have fresh kernels out of the fruit, be sure to only buy Australian and only recently hulled.

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