The Hidden Story of Cancer

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Learn the proven way to beat cancer that is backed up by peer-reviewed articles and an MD-PhD, Nobel Prize winning researcher.  This is one of the biggest discoveries in medical history.  It was uncovered by Professor Brian Peskin, a electrical engineer trained at MIT.

Cancer today is a modern epidemic, affecting millions of people.  There is obviously something that is glaringly wrong with the current approaches to cancer treatment and cancer research. Over the last 50-75 years, there has literally been trillions spent on finding a cure for cancer.  Unfortunately, the approaches to cancer treatment have remained virtually the same over this time period.

Professor Peskin has rediscovered the research of Dr. Otto Warburg, one of the leading biochemists and physiologists of the 20th century.  Dr. Warburg discovered that when there is a 35% sustained decrease in cellular oxygen levels of the body’s tissues, cancer results.  He found that this is the primary cause of cancer.  Fortunately, it usually takes a long time to develop.

A big problem is that virtually all commercial food products have oxygen-deficient oils.  These defective oils are the raw materials for the production of all the cellular membranes in the cells of the body.  This is what is causing the epidemic of cancer.

Warburg’s discoveries were not acknowledged at the time he made them.  In the time period (the 1930’s) when he was performing his research, there was no way to solve the oxygenation problem.  Today, we have the science and the knowledge to solve this problem today.  The prime cause of cancer is a lack of oxygen in the cells. Everything else is secondary, or indirectly causes a lack of oxygen in the cells.

The answer is what Prof. Peskin calls Parent Essential Oils. Most cooking oils that are used today are adulterated.  The trans fats or hydrogenated oils lack the ability to enhance oxygen transfer through the cell membranes.  Fish oil and krill oil give people an overdose of Omega 3 oils.  The body needs 11 times more Parent Omega 6 oils than Parent Omega 3 oils.  DHA and EPA from fish oil and krill oil are derivative oils.  Your body makes these as needed, and it is usually not needed in large quantities.

Prof Peskin reports that the health care professionals that are applying this information are having great results.  The bottom line is that if the cancer patient does not address the oxygen deficiency problem, the cancer will continue to return, and will never be eliminated.  If you put the right Parent Essential Oils into your system, you oxygenate the cells and your risk of cancer will drop dramatically.

You should get Prof. Peskin’s book , The Hidden Story of Cancer right now.  It is one of the most important books that anyone who has a cancer issue can read.  It has also been reported that this protocol may have good effect on heart disease as well.

  1. Billy

    GREAT video. Brian Peskin’s work deserves wider notice. Thanks for posting.

  2. magapanthus

    Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm, it’s got all the characteristics of a scam. Get an unknown nobel prize winner and ……..

  3. admin

    No, I beg to differ. The characteristics of a scam is when you give cancer patients poisons (i.e., chemotherapy drugs and radiation) and call them medicine. What is even more amazing is that people actually believe in physicians that do this. Regardless of the marketing hype that pronounces that chemotherapy works, the true 5 year survival rate (not even the true cure rate) is actually hovering around a whopping 3%. I’ve seen & heard the horror stories. You haven’t heard a horror story until you’ve seen the anguish and torture that chemotherapy and radiation is, and how inhuman it is.

    Now the man who you are calling an “unknown nobel prize winner” has an MD-PhD, and was one of the most renowned researchers of his time. I wonder why nobody today in orthodox medicine and oncology is telling patients that they should not be eating sugar because it feeds cancer cells. He knew this over 70 years ago. Looks to me like the medical authorities don’t want this information to be given to cancer patients, else they would tell them.

    Before you make snap judgments about oncology and related matters, you should do some more research into this matter. But if you’re going to just believe the mainstream cancer authorities, you mine as well not bother. If you really want to understand this cancer industry matter, you’re going to have to step outside the box and exercise some initiative, intelligence, and deductive reasoning. You’re also going to have to find the medical professionals who are not afraid to go against orthodox medical dogma and tell it like it is. Then you’re going to have to have enough discernment to tell the difference between quacks and honest scientists. The decision is yours. If you really want to understand, I suggest that you read some more articles on this site and follow some of the links as well.

    I hate to bust your bubble, but the orthodox cancer paradigm is the real scam. That’s why they charge you hundreds of thousands of dollars for cancer treatment, but you still don’t get a cure. A cure would kill the cash cow. And that’s also why there’s no cure after trillions spent over a 70+ year period. It’s really simple to understand, but most don’t want to admit that this is the truth. It is a truth that is too scary, too sinister for most to admit.

  4. Theresa

    This article is dead on! I am a prime example of a surviving cancer and have done my own research of Dr. Otto Warburg. He also stated cancer growth is a direct manifestation of sugar fermintation.

    Western medicine is a HUGE SCAM! People need to wake up and understand FDA and Big Pharma want to keep us ignorant. Research does not lie. Skeptisim equals ignorance.

  5. Valter M. Silva

    No-oil,low-fat, complex-carb diet is the answer. Refined oils and sugar, once extracted from whole, natural foods, are poisons.Fat as well as oils are related not only with cancer and heart disease, but also with diabetes itself, by blocking insuline from properly doing its job thus causing glucose to accumulate in the blood stream. I will read the book,I will give it a try, but I am rather suspitious about this new PEO´s as advocated by Dr Brian Peskin.

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