Transdermal Magnesium Therapy-Part 1

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Dr. Mark Sircus is interviewed by Adam Abraham about the benefits of using transdermal magnesium oil.  It is almost in the class of miracle cures for many diseases.

Dr Sircus says that in his research, he found that magnesium is one of the best detoxification methods available.  This is of critical importance to people, especially those who are having problems with chronic diseases like cancer, heart disease and autoimmune disorders.  Remember that we are living in a virtual sea of toxic chemicals and substances.

Magnesium is one of the most important minerals to man’s health, and may be almost as important as air!  It is essential to cell physiology, playing a role in over 325 enzymatic processes, cell wall integrity, performance of the blood-brain barrier, cellular energy production, etc.  It is the principal nutrient used in the body.

In fact, it is one of the most potent medicines that allopathic (MD) physicians use.  If you are taken to the hospital for heart attack or stroke, one of the first things that doctors give you is magnesium in the form of either magnesium sulfate or magnesium chloride.  These minerals greatly increase a patient’s probability of survival.  When injected, magnesium is classified as a medicine.  If it is given early after the occurrence of stroke, it can greatly minimize the damage done by the stroke so that patients don’t suffer from debilitating long-term side effects.

The 4 ways to get magnesium into the body is through eating, liquid or pill, injection or intravenously, and transdermally.  Eating foods to get magnesium can be tricky because most modern foods are mineral deficient.  This makes it virtually impossible for people to get enough magnesium through their diets.  It is reported that 68% of people are magnesium deficient with respect to the RDA requirements.  This is a problem because this is a time when most people need magnesium more than ever.

It is also tough to get enough magnesium by taking it orally through liquid or pill forms.  Researchers report that it may take one year or more to increase magnesium levels to the healthy range.  It is not always as bioavailable as we would like.  In addition, a popular problem with taking magnesium orally is that it has a strong tendency to cause diarrhea.

Magnesium injections or intravenous applications are very helpful and efficient.  The problem is that they are very expensive, not very convenient, and can be very uncomfortable.  This may make these methods of application impractical.

We are left with transdermal application.  Epsom salts (magnesium sulfate) baths can be mildly therapeutic, but the magnesium is not well absorbed or retained in the body in this form.  Dr. Sircus was introduced to a company called Global Life Network that has found a way to make clean, concentrated magnesium crystals and powders that can be added to a bath.  They also found a way to create magnesium chloride through sea water evaporation that yields 35% magnesium chloride oil.  In fact, this form of magnesium chloride is cleaner and has less heavy metal contamination than pharmaceutical-grade magnesium chloride.

Dr. Sircus believes that if magnesium were used more, it could greatly reduce reliance on pharmaceutical drugs for medical treatment, saving many billions of dollars spent on medical care.  He made a suggestion that if magnesium were added to the drinking water supplies instead of fluoride, that would be very beneficial.  But the problem is that magnesium cannot be patented, so Big Pharma and the Medical Establishment would not be interested in this.  They are primarily interested in preserving industry profits.

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