Transdermal Magnesium Therapy-2

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Dr. Sircus speaks on the relatively unknown benefits of transdermal magnesium supplementation. It is virtually unknown to most people. This is the second part of his interview that was conducted by Adam Abraham. This segment is approximately 15 minutes.

Dr Sircus reveals that even small amounts of magnesium applied transdermally can be effective.  It is relatively easy to get the RDA requirement of magnesium from transdermal magnesium supplementation.  He goes on to give a testimonial (anecdotal) of a pediatrician who was suffering from diabetes.  He also had neuropathy that caused nerve damage in his feet.  This pediatrician then started supplementing with mega doses of magnesium, around 20 grams per day.  This amounts to approximately 40-50 times the RDA amount.  It is reported that he regenerated the nerves in his feet. It wasn’t clear whether or not he cured himself of the diabetes.

It is recommended for people attempting to supplement with transdermal magnesium to start off slowly because the magnesium may irritate the skin when you first begin to apply it.  It is better to give the body a chance to acclimate to the magnesium.  It usually takes 2-3 months of supplementation to bring the magnesium levels up in the cells.

Transdermal application is the optimal way to supplement with magnesium.  It is also great for sore, tight muscles because it relaxes them. This is great for normal people, as well as for athletes and ‘weekend warriors.’

Magnesium is the ultimate medicine. It has broad action, and is akin to a cellular tonic.  There are no side effects because it is not toxic, unlike prescription medications.  All prescription medications are poisons.  Magnesium is often helpful to people with diseases.  It is recommended for virtually all people except those with major kidney malfunction.  It is one of the most necessary mineral in the body, and is probably the greatest disease preventative.  It is also great for life extension as well.  It would be very difficult for someone to experience a heart attack, stroke, cancer or diabetes if their magnesium levels were optimal throughout the body.

This is critical information for everyone.  You should definitely learn more about magnesium therapy, and especially transdermal magnesium therapy.  It is something that can help you stay healthy, and to assist the body to reclaim good health status.

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