Useful Idiots in Medicine and Cancer Research

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I just read a very good article that speaks about ‘useful idiots’, and I think that is is very relevant to what is happening in the medical field.  It is also a microcosm of what has been happening in all of society, and in all major institutions in society.  I don’t have the time here to delve into all of that, but suffice it to say that virtually all of the things that we take for granted as ‘facts’, are either blatantly false, or that the assumptions and foundations that support them are faulty or specious.  Education, politics, medicine, sociology, economics, history, religion, etc., are all based on some very flawed logic.  I’m not trying to offend anyone, but this has been my experience after many years of studying all of these (and many other) topics.

After learning about the dubious veracity of truths I had been spoon-fed since my youth, I thought that science was not susceptible to such manipulation because it was ’empirical’.  I was truly naive back then.  But when I got into medical school, my spirit was unsettled, and I could not bring myself to embrace it.  I was wondering where all the cures and effective treatments were, and when we were going to learn about them.  I guess that I figured out that if they weren’t teaching this information to us in medical school, they were never going to share this information with us.  If they aren’t teaching cures in medical school, but instead, were teaching more advanced factoids about physiology, histology, embryology, etc., what’s the point?

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Don’t get me wrong.  Modern medicine is truly modern in the field of emergency medicine.  The breakthroughs have been absolutely spectacular.  But the problems come when we talk about the chronic diseases, or the diseases of modern civilization.  Metabolic disorders like heart disease, cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, kidney failure, etc.  These are diseases for which modern medicine has no answers, and incidence rates for these diseases are skyrocketing.  It is virtually a modern pandemic.  The question we must ask is “Why is this happening?”

The only reason that this can happen is because there is faulty thinking, faulty logic, and untruths being held as truth by the Medical Establishment.  There is no other explanation.  If their pronouncements were true, disease rates for these ailments would be going down.  This is the shocker that average people are not ready to deal with.  People do not want to believe that the people that make the decisions at the highest levels do not want to cure us, and they definitely do not want any cure that is not under their direct control. They do not want to believe that at the highest levels of these organizations, people are making decisions to increase disease rates, to treat diseases instead of curing them, and that profits are a higher priority than curing diseases.

The evidence for this in cancer is obvious to the person that will be intellectually honest.  Consider this: if there is no cure for cancer, heart disease, etc., then why are physicians and hospitals charging exorbitant fees?  Think about a car mechanic.  If you take your car to a mechanic, and he tells you that he can’t fix it, but that he can do a patch job, would you pay him the same rate that you would pay a competent mechanic that does have the ability to fix your car correctly, and does so?  If ‘modern medicine’ can not find a cure for cancer after 50-100+ years of intense research, and many billions of dollars, what makes you think they’re going to find a cure next week, month, year?  What makes you think that they want to find a cure that will make their funding unnecessary?  A cure that will make their jobs obsolete?  A cure that will remove their status, prestige, and power?

The only thing that is more astounding than this is that most victims of the Cancer Establishment actually defend this untenable state of affairs!  They defend the physicians and oncologists that want us to believe that chemotherapy is medicine when it is derived from chemical warfare substances.  They defend radiation treatments when everyone intuitively knows that radiation is poisonous and very harmful to the body.  This is why the people who administer radiation run for cover before they shoot the patient victim with it.  They defend mercury laced, animal virus contaminated vaccinations as an important part of a child’s development when there are no longitudinal studies to demonstrate their efficacy or their safety.  I could go on and on, but I hope and think that you got the point.

The only thing I want you to do is to go out and start doing some of your own research.  I don’t want you to believe anything that I say here.  Go out and verify or discount what I say here based on your own search.  Stop believing what people say just because they have letters behind their names, or white coats and stethoscopes around their necks.  Or because ‘everybody knows *insert favorite widely held misconception here*…  We must hold our ‘experts’ and ‘authorities’ accountable.  Remember that when we want others to do it FOR us, they usually end up doing it TO us.

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  1. Trisha Springstead RN

    Thanks for the Truth in Oncology. Having worked in this field for one year, I could no longer watch:
    1. Children Bald, Vomiting and Grey
    2. Adults thinking the Amighty cure from misguided Doctors, the danger is that Oncology believes in what it is doing.
    3. As and Ex Oncology Nures who was trained and brainwashed at the NIH, after one year I quit. The great thing was that 7 more walked out on the same day.
    Money, Money, Money. If I see another pink ribbion I am going to puke. What about diet, exercise, non GMO foods, positive attitude and so much more that could prevent cancers, stop buying food in tin cans, don’t drink floridated water.
    I have taken a lot of flack from Oncology for this opinion, but hey maybe they will some day realize these tactics of cut, slash, poison and burn is in Humane.
    Trisha Springstead RN MS

  2. admin

    I agree with you 100%, and that’s probably why I have this web site…

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