Woman Who Withheld Autistic Son’s Cancer Medicine Found Guilty

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An Essex Superior Court jury found a mother who withheld cancer treatments from her autistic son guilty of attempted murder and assault and battery.  Kristen LaBrie was sentenced to 8-10 years in state prison for this incident.

I think that she was negligent because if she decided that she was not going to use conventional cancer treatments, she should have used something else.  Unfortunately, most people don’t know about alternative cancer treatments.  And if they don’t know about them, they definitely don’t know which ones are the most effective.

Ms. LaBrie said that she couldn’t stand to see her child suffer the pain and discomfort that he experienced from the cancer medication.  This is understandable because chemotherapy is very poisonous, and causes a lot of severe side effects, which include cancer and death.

Authorities say that her son, Jeremy Fraser, was diagnosed in October 2006 with a non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma that was able to be treated.  Ms. LaBrie failed to give him his chemotherapy medicine.  By the time that physicians found out that the boy was not taking his medication,  the disease has progressed to full-blown leukemia.

Although I do believe that parents have the right to choose the form of cancer treatment and medical treatment that their children receive, I also believe that they also have a duty to treat them.  I do not think she was being a responsible parent because she did not administer any treatment for her son’s cancer.  I do understand that parents can be totally overwhelmed by the variety of treatment methods on the market, and also the intense pressure that physicians place on people to use their cancer treatment methods.  But she was responsible for her son’s health. She should have done something to heal her son.  I can understand not wanting to undergo chemotherapy, radiation or surgery.  But she could have tried another promising approach, or talked to an alternative cancer treatment practitioner.

Even if she had used another cancer treatment method, she may have been charged with child neglect.  The mother in Detroit was attacked by police for refusing to allow her child to take psychotropic medication that was causing unwanted side effects. For defending herself from Child Protective Services and police (who didn’t have any warrants or paperwork to show any legitimacy for their acts), she was charged with four felonies.

It just looks like this is an era when the State is seeking to enforce the edicts of Big Pharma and the Medical Establishment.  It is literally becoming a medical totalitarianism where parents’ children can be forced to take toxic, ineffective medications. But these same ‘authorities’ do not want to be liable for the damage that is caused by these chemicals.  They should not be able to have it both ways.

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