I came across a Radiation Dosage Chart that gives the effects of radiation levels on people.  The chart was fairly detailed and gave a lot of information about the increasing effects of radiation at levels that people may experience in normal life, as well as in other situations.  This is some very important, as well as very revealing information.

Some effects range from the background dosage received by an average person on an average day (10 microSieverts); a chest x-ray (100 microSieverts); to the EPA’s yearly limit on radiation exposure to average citizens (1,000 microSieverts).  Surprisingly, the level of radiation that a woman who gets a mammogram is exposed to is 3,000 microSieverts (3.0 milliSieverts) or three times the level that people are supposed to be exposed to in one year!  An average CT scan exposes a patient to 10,000 microSieverts (10 milliSieverts).  The annual dose where lifetime risk of cancer is significant is 100,000 microSieverts (100 milliSieverts).  The dose limit for US radiation workers working in life-saving operations is 250,000 microSieverts (250 milliSieverts).

The extremely harmful levels of radiation exposure range from 1,000 milliSieverts that cause temporary radiation sickness to 6,000 milliSieverts that is usually fatal.  The most telling piece of information on this chart is that the fatal dose of radiation exposure is 10,000 milliSieverts.  The next level of exposure is 20,000 milliSieverts, and is the dosage that is used in highly targeted cancer radiotherapy!

This is an astounding piece of information.  It will probably be very surprising information for people who believe the pronouncements from the mass media that is controlled by the medical establishment.  It is not as surprising to people who have done honest research on radiation therapy.  What is surprising is that this information is actually available because the medical mafia controls most information very tightly.  In fact, the web site that posted this chart actually removed the reference to the radiation dosage level (20,000 milliSieverts) from the chart.  When I last attempted to access the web site, it was unavailable.  Mere coincidence or is this evidence of manipulation or the financial influence of Big Pharma and related industries?

When radiation was first discovered, physicians and corporations were marketing radioactive substances as medicines and treatments for diseases. It looks like we’ve come around full circle when we accept pronouncements from medical professionals that radiation is a cancer treatment, when the truth is that radiation therapy is toxic, and actually causes cancer.  Even more astonishing is that radiotherapy, as shown above, is shown to give a lethal exposure level of radiation.

Although radiation doses are fractionated (broken up into smaller daily doses to add up to the total dosage), radiation exposure is cumulative.  The typical fractionation schedule for adults is 1,800-2,000 milliSieverts.  This is a level that is the cause of temporary radiation sickness to severe radiation poisoning.  These exposure levels are associated with nausea, low blood cell counts, and vomiting.  These symptoms are seen in radiation therapy patients.

This is critical information for people considering what types of cancer treatments to employ.  It is very alarming and disturbing to think that medical treatments are actually highly toxic and harmful.  It should make you strongly evaluate the use of radiation therapy for a cancer treatment.  Be sure to get as much information as you can so that you can make an informed decision.