Is Baking Soda an Effective Cancer Treatment?

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There is a lot of controversy about the findings of a Dr Tullio Simoncini regarding the use of sodium bicarbonate for cancer therapy.  He says that based on his study and experience, cancer is a fungus, candida albicans to be exact.  He also claims that he has been having great success in the treatment of solid tumors with the use of sodium bicarbonate (baking soda).  But mainstream medical authorities like the American Cancer Society have been negative about these developments.

The American Cancer Society web site on sodium bicarbonate is precisely worded.  They never actually come out and say that baking soda does not work on cancer.  They make a bunch of leading statements about the topic.  They basically say that available scientific evidence does not support claims that cancer is caused by yeasts or molds, that sodium bicarbonate treats cancer, and that these claims are not supported by clinical or scientific evidence.

The truth is that no alternative treatment for cancer is going to ever be acknowledged by mainstream medical authorities.  And this is especially true for any cancer treatment that would be cheap, safe, freely available or easy to administer.  There is literally billions of dollars being made off of the cancer industry.  Any change in the cancer paradigm would mean the loss of this profit stream.  Thousands, if not millions of people would lose their jobs.  Large, billion dollar multinational Big Pharma companies would incur massive losses.  Media outlets would then lose the cash stream from pharmaceutical companies, and that means billions of dollars in advertising revenues lost.  In short, there are just too many people making money from the medical status quo for anyone involved to complain.

The theory about sodium bicarbonate does make sense.  Researchers have found that cancer cells do tend to favor an acidic pH environment.  In fact, cancer cells can not function in an alkaline environment.  Baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) is known to be a powerful buffering agent, and also works to alkalize the body, thereby getting rid of acidic conditions in the body.  In fact, when the sodium bicarbonate hits the cancer cells, the alkalinity also brings a burst of oxygen into them.  From previous information, we know that tumor cells do not like oxygen, and that they function off of anaerobic respiration.  Cancer cells die in the presence of high oxygen levels.  The medical establishment does not like substances like sodium bicarbonate because it is safe, cheap, widely available and highly effective against cancer.

Even if sodium bicarbonate is not effective against cancer, it is not dangerous or poisonous like chemotherapy drugs, radiation therapy or surgery.  In a worst case scenario, no harm would be done by the use of baking soda as a cancer treatment.  Baking soda does not require a prescription, is available from your local grocery store or drug store, and is many times safer than chemotherapy or radiation therapy.  The only thing to be careful of with sodium bicarbonate is that it should not be taken when you have a full stomach, as it does produce gas, which can damage the stomach.  You really owe it to yourself and to your loved ones to learn more about sodium bicarbonate, as it is a wonderful substance that is really a natural part of the body.

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