Crapitalism Meets Big Pharma Cancer Treatments

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I came across a very good article that described the present condition of the United States.  We are taught in school that the United States has a capitalistic economic system.  But upon closer examination, the ideal does not match up with the reality.  It is not just in Big Pharma or orthodox cancer treatments, but in virtually every major institution in American society.

We see the big banks get billions of dollars in bailouts, while there is nothing for failing state, county and municipal governments.  There is always enough money for war and other endeavors that are profitable for the privileged few.  It actually appears that there is an organized war on the Middle Class in America.  Taxes are reduced for the rich while they skyrocket on average people. The alleged debt ceiling debacle appears to be an orchestrated hoax for ulterior motives.  The crap just goes on and on…

I guess that it isn’t a big surprise to find out that the same intrigue, fraud, lies, corruption and profiteering that happens in cancer treatment and the medical industry in general is also well and alive everywhere else in American society.  This is probably why the country is spiraling down. Lies do not form a good foundation for anything that is based upon them.  That is why the Big Pharma industry construct is not working, and it is also why America isn’t working.  If things we are being told by the ‘authorities’ were true, problems would be getting solved.  Cancer incidence rates would not be higher than they’ve ever been.  Modern cancer treatments would be highly effective, much more effective than they were in previous eras.  People would not fear a cancer diagnosis any more than they would a cold or a case of the sniffles. There would be no need for alternative cancer treatments because the most effective methods would be used, regardless of its profitability.

As for the country, we would not be at war with anyone.  The Great Society programs would have succeeded and poverty would be down.  The economy of the country would be prosperous instead of experiencing skyrocketing debt, joblessness, crime and corruption at all levels.  We wouldn’t have an erosion of constitutionally-protected freedoms, nor the persistent march towards a more militarized police state.  Our children would be able to look forward to having a better future than their parents.  Educational opportunities would be better, and most people would be happy and optimistic about the future.

We can sugarcoat the reality, but there are some serious problems with the present state of affairs.  We can either face them and deal with them, or we can keep on watching American Idol and continue to bury our heads in the idiot box. But there comes a time when you can’t run from the results of letting your car speed down the freeway at 95 mph while you fumble around with something in the back seat.  For the cancer patient, it is when you just go along with your health care professional and believe that poison is medicine, and that your oncologist isn’t prohibited from curing you.  For the average citizen, it is when you just go along with your well-‘paid’ congressman when he tells you that taking care of the big corporations paying him off is going to make America strong for the average people. Neither one of these strategies is the best one for long term survival and prosperity. Eventually, the party ends and the reality will deal with you if you choose not to deal with it first.

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  1. Luis

    it is about time people awake from the lethargic society we became wile fascism was re-organizing to take over the world for pure profit, and control of the world. with what purpose? they don’t even know, for it the knew, the would’ve taken more precaution not to crash it to in the end be the victims of their own invention. it’s funny; i read marx after a long while, and i think: what if he was right after all?
    what an irony

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