Promising New Leukemia Treatment Discovered

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Even though doctors using this have only treated three leukemia treatments, they say that the results from this are amazing. Physicians at the University of Pennsylvania report that this treatment for chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL), the most common leukemia, made it disappear in two patients, and that it reduced it by 70% in the third patient.  In fact, in each patient, up to five pounds of tumor tissue was gone in a few weeks, and that it is still gone after a year.

The method that researchers from Abramson Cancer Center removed certain types of white blood cells (leukocytes). They then utilized an engineered, allegedly harmless version of the HIV virus and inserted a number of genes into the white blood cells. These genes were designed to get the cells to target and kill the cancer cells. Researchers grew a large batch of these cells and then injected them back into patients. These cells then began to mercilessly and persistently track down the cancer cells and kill them. Reports are that side effects from this type of treatment have been minor, at best.

The most surprising element of this is that the National Cancer Institute and a number of pharmaceutical companies refused to pay for this research. The researchers obtained the funding for these experiments from the Alliance for Cancer Gene Therapy. For whatever reason, no major organizations wanted to fund this experiment.

I have reservations about this report. It would be great to see a cancer treatment that meets the requirements of Big Pharma (i.e., a drug, expensive, and able to be patented to insure massive profits), and also be truly effective in treating cancer. The very small sample size actually makes the results of this experiment anecdotal–the same charge that mainstream physicians and researchers level upon alternative health care practitioners and treatments. This just isn’t enough people to make a reliable determination of the effectiveness of this cancer treatment method. And remember that there have been a lot of cancer treatments based on immunology and genetic recombination that started out with stellar results, but later proved to be ineffective.  Even though this isn’t a cancer treatment based on natural health care principles, it definitely warrants more investigation.

I am still dubious of the long-term efficacy of this method of treatment because it is still philosophically based on a drug-type of paradigm. It is not based on healing the body, or dealing with the metabolic causes of cancer. It is an approach based on treating cancer symptoms (i.e., the tumor) rather than treating the cause of the cancer and tumor (i.e., the body’s lack of oxygen, toxic chemical overload of the body, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, bad diet, etc.). I really do hope that this treatment works, but the history (along with an honest analysis of this approach) seems to indicate that it is just another failed attempt at merging an effective treatment for cancer along with a blockbuster profit-making orthodox cancer treatment.

  1. Robert

    How much more natural can you get than ones own t-cells and a modified HIV strain? This is a miraculous discovery and these men will win the Nobel Prize.

  2. admin

    This treatment protocol does not qualify as ‘natural’. They are using recombinant DNA and an HIV virus in this treatment. This is not natural, by any stretch of the imagination. But it does seem to work, so far. Unfortunately, even if this treatment does prove to be a long-term efficacious treatment for cancer, it will undoubtedly be very expensive. It appears that the only treatments for cancer that Big Pharma and the Medical Establishment are interested in are those that they control, and those that can prove to be extremely profitable.

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