HPV DNA Contamination in Gardasil Cancer Vaccine

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This was announced a while back, but it is very relevant to people with children, especially those in states that have mandated that teenage girls receive this vaccine.  SANE Vax Inc. announced that they had sent a letter to FDA Commissioner, Dr. Margaret Hamburg, indicating that they found that all of 13 samples of Merck & Company’s HPV 4 Quadrivalent vaccine, Gardasil, were contaminated with recombinant HPV DNA.  The samples were taken from lots destined to be marketed in the United States, France, Spain, Australia, Poland and New Zealand.

Medical professionals had requested that SANE Vax Inc help find out if Gardasil vaccines had residual recombinant HPV DNA.  They were curious about this because some have suspected that recombinant DNA, if it was in the vaccine, may have triggered some autoimmune-based inflammatory disorders and malignant tumors that were found among children and young women after receiving Gardasil vaccines.

In one anecdotal report, a 13 year old sexually inactive girl developed acute juvenile rheumatoid arthritis within 24 hours after her 3rd Gardasil injection.  Her blood sample, which was analyzed 2 year later, was found to be positive for HPV DNA by a local clinical laboratory.  In addition to this, vaccine safety advocates suspect that there may be a connection between HPV DNA in Gardasil vaccines and leukemia or lymphoma.

Upon analysis of the HPV DNA found in the vaccine, one of the DNA fragments was identified as a synthetic portion of recombinant DNA that was engineered specifically for the manufacturing of the Gardasil vaccine. SANE Vax Inc actually said that there is no doubt that the HPV DNA in the vaccine is from the recombinant manufacturing process for the Gardasil vaccine, and that it may act as a DNA vaccine with uncertain consequences. This is in stark contrast to the assumption by the FDA and the vaccine manufacturer that there was no HPV DNA in Gardasil when it was approved for marketing.

This is a very illuminating finding. I never did feel comfortable about vaccines in general. I was especially doubtful about this Gardasil vaccine. It appears to be another Big Pharma ploy to earn more profits. It is not really that big a deal, and the vaccine is not very effective, and is actually dangerous to some people.

This threat is related to one of my biggest fears about vaccines.  My concern is about the latent animal viruses that are introduced into vaccine cultures by the use of animal sera.  Any viruses that any animal has will proliferate throughout the entire vaccine batch. I have seen reports that approximately 25 animal viruses have been identified as vaccine contaminants. This is extremely dangerous, and may be responsible for the increased incidence of autoimmune disorders, cancers, and other ailments. This is unconscionable.

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