Alternative Cancer Treatment vs Conventional Cancer Treatment: A Paradigm Choice

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I had an interesting exchange with a person who, evidently, supports the establishment cancer industry position on cancer treatments, cancer cures, cancer research and related issues. I didn’t think that a comment I had made on the Huffington Post in response to another comment would have engendered such a response, but it did. I found it to be very illustrative of many of the things that I have discussed here on  But I also thought that by examining what was being said by this person, I could use it as a learning tool. I could see from our ‘dialogue’ that there was no point in trying to have a logical discussion of our points because this person basically had her mind made up.

I can understand how someone could, and would, believe the medical authorities. They’re the authorities! They are the ones that have all of the institutions, the schools, the degrees, the fellowships, the publications, the experts, and associated things. They are the ones that spend and/or expend the resources of time and money to study things like cancer, and they report their findings to us. They are people, and they and their family members suffer & die from cancer, just like everybody else does. So who in their right mind would question their dedication, their work, their never-ending quest to beat cancer?

As you probably already figured out, that would be me, and other inquisitive people like me, who don’t accept pronouncements from ‘authority’ just because it is authority. As I’ve stated before, the status quo is usually defended by the established experts of the time because they are experts on the way things are, and the way that they have been. I guess that you could characterize them as being a part of the thinking that has gotten us to the place where we are.

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The problem is that in order to make progress, we must expand our thinking. We must not become enslaved to protect dogma or what we believe is true because our present level of thinking is what has created, or has caused the problems we experience to persist. In order to eradicate our problems, we cannot utilize the level of thinking that created the problem in the first place.  The problem is that people are creatures of habit. We become nice & cozy, and love to be comfortable with a static existence. The technical term for this is homeostasis. We like to have some continuity and a stable existence. When new ideas on things are publicized, people have a ‘knee-jerk’ reaction to reject it. It’s natural, so natural that people have written books about it.

In fact, people have a tendency to subconsciously link their belief system to their identity. So this is the explanation of the phenomenon you experience when you try to introduce a paradigm-changing concept to most people.  They vehemently bristle at you! They will fight you like you are the Antichrist, or a bitter enemy.

If you really observe a medical establishment apologist’s argument to support the cancer industry, the funniest thing is that the validity or proof of your argument really doesn’t matter to the person supporting the status quo. I noticed that this is because their belief isn’t based on fact or reasoning, but on faith. Faith in other people; faith in an institution; faith in the system.  A belief that if they themselves would not do something, other people would not do it either.

I have studied many subjects. One thing that is amazing to me is the blind faith that many people have in institutions and similar artificial entities. The truth is that there is no such thing as a corporation, a government or organizations. They are all artificial. They are abstractions, concepts in our minds. They are only an excuse for people to act under a shield or proxy for their own actions. Governments and corporations can’t do anything because they only exist on a piece of paper in their charters. But men and women acting in the name of a government or a corporation can and do perform every action that we attribute to these artificial entities.

This may sound like a fine, nitpicky point, but it is a lot more relevant than you would think.

I guess that we need to grow up and get some personal responsibility. Despite the people in government being caught foisting lies, deceptions and doing other dastardly deeds on a very regular basis, the vast majority of us continue to believe the lies, allow them to continue to do bad things. I’m not sure why, but it is astonishing to hear people continue to believe the lies after it has been amply shown that lying, deception and doing unthinkable things are the standard operating procedure of the people in these organizations. Maybe it is the right thing to do. But it doesn’t sit right with me to just sit back and be another corporate drone, and to just accept lies and crap because we’re supposed to do it. Says who?

If you haven’t figured it out, some of what I’m referring to is the case with cancer research, Big Pharma, cancer treatment, disease fundraisers, and related activities. Regardless of what mainstreamers say, even if you argue that 95% of all the 400+ alternative cancer treatment methods are pure quackery, that leaves 5% of them that are not, and are promising. That equals about 20 cancer treatments that have promise, and that have been summarily dismissed by mainstream medicine.

I hate having to rely on non-scientific data, observations and similar non-substantiated information. But with all of the corruption in science and government, it doesn’t appear that the truth has a chance against entrenched financial interests.

Witness the situation with GMO foods. Virtually all of the preliminary experimental evidence points to caution and for extended testing of these foods. But people associated with the Big Agricultural companies (like Monsanto) have put a ban on any labeling of GM foods in America. They couldn’t get away with it in Europe, but they zealously defend their ability to force people in America to be ignorant of the GMO content of their foods. Scientists in the FDA who wanted GM foods to be labeled and tested were quickly railroaded and moved out of the way, and we now have these dangerous genes and organisms in our food. The bottom line is that people are turning us, and our future generations into guinea pigs for their own profit. None of the claims these people are making about GM foods (i.e., that they increase production, are safe, reduce the use of pesticides & chemicals, etc.) are turning out to be true about them. I use the case of the GM foods as a metaphor for the cancer industry and Big Pharma’s ‘profits at all cost’ strategy.

If the people associated with these mega-corporations have no qualms poisoning us with their GM frankenfoods, do you really think they would draw the line at ‘treating’ people with poisons as medicine? Do you think they would have moral crisis over suppressing effective natural cures for cancer and other diseases? Do you think they would tell the truth about health if it meant killing company profits, put them on the unemployment line, or actually get them indicted on criminal charges for fraud, price-fixing, profiteering off of the pain and misery of others, and other assorted crimes against humanity?

The evidence that these people are not genuine in their search for a cure for cancer is found in how they treat people who admit to them that they are using different strategies to treat their cancer. In numerous reports from people who are successful with alternative cancer treatments, their health care professionals are astonished when they show amazing recoveries, or recover without the usual side effects that people on chemo and radiation experience. Almost to a man, none of the doctors or nurses are in the least bit curious about what a cancer patient is doing to succeed in beating their cancer. Now isn’t that very interesting??? I’m sure that some know that they would become mortal enemies of the medical and cancer establishment if they tried to use anything except their approved protocols & procedures.

It’s time for people to step up and show some guts because these people are not going to stop the madness voluntarily. We’ve seen that. It’s time to put your pacifier away and trade in your diaper for some big breeches.

In my studies, I’ve read about numerous alternative cancer treatment practitioners with non-toxic treatments and cures for cancer get erased from the ‘official’ history of oncology. Nothing works 100% of the time, but I’ve seen reports of cure rates that are very high for some treatments. For the controllers of the cancer establishment, an effective cancer treatment is the enemy to mega-profits. Maybe one day, people will be less profit oriented and will seek the truth. But as of today, there will be no effective, cheap, non-toxic treatment for cancer, and that’s because the people that run the cancer and medical industries (as well as the other corporate vultures that make their fortunes off of treating disease instead of curing and/or preventing disease) will do their best, and use every resource available to them to make sure those treatments never get publicized.

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  1. Suzanne

    what does work best over other claims? B17? THC? Miscletoe? American Ginseng?DMSO?…

  2. Prof. Guy Van Elsacker

    Based on long time research I declare cancer for 90 % curable.

    Prof.Guy Elsacker Dr.Sc.research worher and facilitator cancer research
    Dept. expiremental Oncology

  3. admin

    Thank you for your response. Unfortunately, your smug reply did not address anything that I posited in my article. And neither did the article that you posted as a response to what I wrote. And how can thinking be ‘expanded too much’? Or does that mean that my thinking was expanded past your own comfort zone? I’m not a snowflake, not feeling special. And the ‘secret’ is that most people are not expansive enough in their thought to climb out of their conceptual prisons. I’m not the first person to figure this out. Numerous physicians and other professionals know what I’m saying, and many have written books about it. Francis Crick, Nobel Laureate, the co-discoverer of DNA once said that the War on Cancer was a bunch of shit. Is he a special little snowflake too? I could go on, but I can see that your mind is made up already, so I won’t confuse you with any of the facts.

  4. Kira

    @thalia It’s not a conspiracy theory, it’s a fact… can’t debunk a fact even if you claim you did.

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