The Cure for Cancer – An Excellent Video

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Just watched an excellent video on cancer. The movie basically tells us that cancer is curable, right now. The problem isn’t that cancer is so complex or beyond our comprehension.  The biggest problem is that curing incurable diseases makes established mainstream health practitioners angry!

Cancer is Curable Now, view it here:

This movie is chocked full of appearances by alternative health care practitioners that have a message of hope for cancer patients and others who want better results from the fight against cancer.

Charlotte Gerson says that cures for disease would upset the economy (at least in its present state).  According to her, we live in a medical dictatorship, Big Pharma companies have made billions on cancer, and that everybody from the President, Congress, the Media, Corporations, etc. are all getting paid from the present way that the cancer industry is being ran. The real deal is that non-patentable medicines and foods aren’t wanted by those who run the cancer industry. People go to the alternative practitioners because they were abandoned by the Medical Establishment. Most of these people refuse chemotherapy, radiation and surgery.

Some other statements made by some of the people that appear in this video are:

  • “Doctors are whores for Big Pharma.”
  • “‘Modern’ medical treatment (mastectomies) is butchery.”
  • “People who refuse cancer treatment live 11 months longer than those who undergo conventional treatment.”
  • “Doctors only know what the pharmaceutical industry trained them and told them to do.”
  • “In 6 seconds, your doctor stops listening to you.”
  • “Doctors may be sincere, but they can be ‘sincerely wrong’!”
  • “The enemy isn’t cancer, but is the treatment. Most people die of the treatment and not the cancer.”
  • “Doctors’ understanding of cancer is obsolete. They are bound to stale procedures that are 15-20 years behind the cutting edge.”
  • “We’re exposed to more toxins and chemicals IN the house than outside the house!”
  • “You are what you eat. Everything in the middle of the grocery store can be considered to be bad for you. Everything cooked has denatured enzymes. Fresh, raw, organic foods have the enzymes.”
  • “Plastics cause heart disease, diabetes, etc, screw up our cell membranes.”
  • “Vaccinations don’t do benefit, but actually cause harm. Vaccine companies are immune from suit, and the government pays vaccine injury victims.”
  • “We are all poisoned. Environmental toxins grew exponentially after 1940. Our bodies are full of chemical toxins.”
  • “The cancer industry is one of the richest, biggest, most powerful industries, and is a multi-billion dollar a year industry.”
  • “Oncologists don’t know what causes cancer.”
  • “Integrative, wholistic, natural practitioners know what causes cancer because they’re reversing it! Remove the poisons, feed and nourish the body and the body will heal itself.”
  • “Most people don’t really want the cure or answer because it would require them to wake up and change, and accept responsibility for causing their own diseases.”

In short, this is an excellent video that everyone that want to live should see. It’s not always easy to watch because it requires people to accept and take personal responsibility for their state of health. Not everyone wants to do this, but it is critical if you seek success in treating your cancer. Watch the video and tell me what you think below.


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