The Science Delusion

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I had a Twitter discussion with someone about cancer treatments.  I made a comment about a particular article that this person referenced with regards to quack cancer treatments. Now I’m not going to deconstruct this entire article right here, as you can find most of my writings about various problems with this article in other posts I have made on this site, some of which are What is Science and How Does It Relate to Cancer? ; Useful Idiots in Medicine and Cancer ResearchFlaws in Current Cancer Drug Discovery MethodsMedical Slavery-Paying Big Pharma for No Cures;  The Cancer Industry Owns the Media and Your Mind,  and Crapitalism Meets Big Pharma Cancer Treatments. There are others, but this is just a taste.

In my search to bring more expansive views to science, philosophy and other related disciplines (even though philosophy is the foundational science), I came across this TED Talk featuring Dr. Rupert Sheldrake, PhD speaking on a topic he calls “The Science Delusion”.  Oftentimes, most seem to get confused as to what science really is. I have covered this in an above article, but no matter how much it is covered, many people get utterly confused about it.  Dr Sheldrake references this confusion and questions whether what we call science today is truly a process that is used to minimize and identify bias in experimental investigations, or whether it is just dogma and a predetermined belief system that more closely resemble religion that is fraught with bias and unidentified assumptions.

The difference between these 2 systems is that one is expansive, answers questions, solves problems, and leads to progress in society.  The other one compounds problems, doesn’t solve problems, and leads to stagnation and the proliferation of problems in society. Science honestly pursued would lead to the solving of problems and the exponential growth of improvements in society because the more you progress in one discipline, it would lead to analogous progress in other areas due to a synergistic effect.  Likewise for a dogmatic, predetermined belief system such as the one that led to the Dark Ages in Europe. A closed belief system with logical fallacies and untrue assumptions leads us to ‘unsolvable’ problems (i.e., the National Debt, crime, drugs, the elusive cure for cancers and other chronic diseases, war, terrorism, etc.) instead of solving them. In fact, the system will actually come to support and generate problems because they protect and perpetuate the status quo!

Dr Sheldrake also speaks on what he terms the 10 Dogmas of Science that he has found are the biggest underlying assumptions that form the foundation of what is commonly called ‘modern science’.  In this video (only 18 minutes long), he identifies these assumptions. His conclusion is that NONE of these 10 dogmas are true or can stand up to rigorous analysis. He predicts that this philosophical materialism view will eventually be abandoned and that this will lead to  a scientific revolution.

The 10 Dogmas of Science are:

  1. Nature is mechanical
  2. Matter is unconscious
  3. The Laws of Nature are fixed
  4. The total amount of matter & energy is fixed
  5. Nature is purposeless
  6. Biological heredity is material (i.e., all in your DNA)
  7. Memories are stored in your brain as material traces
  8. Your mind is inside your head
  9. Psychic phenomena are impossible
  10. Mechanistic medicine is the only kind that really works.

Dr. Sheldrake didn’t have enough time to analyze all of these assumptions in this short video, but he does in his book.  This is very revolutionary information to people who just blindly yell about what is scientific and what isn’t. This has direct application to cancer research and their relation to ‘alternative’ cancer treatments, as well as other things. This will hopefully get you to think more expansively about things before we start putting labels on what is scientific and what isn’t because a lot of things that are being called science are closer to the opposite of science.

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