Rick Simpson of “Run From the Cure” Fame, Speaks

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Rick Simpson gained wide fame with his hit video Run From the Cure, which was about how he learned how to use high-THC content hemp oil to cure people of numerous diseases like arthritis, hypertension, multiple sclerosis, cancer, etc.  It was a controversial video.  Here, he tells his story about how he was targeted by the Canadian government, and what happened afterwards. This interview is approximately 45 minutes long, chocked full of great information from one of the modern pioneers with a lot of practical experience in the use of hemp oil.

This interview was conducted by Cannabis.net. Rick speaks about his experiences with cannabis, and a lot of other topics. He sounds like a very down-to-earth person who stood up for what he believes is right.  He said that he had to move out of Canada because they were just as corrupt as the United States. He decided to move to Croatia. They prosecuted him for trafficking marijuana even though the legal definition says that you must make a monetary gain to be convicted of trafficking.  But he says that he never made any monetary gain but that he was just showing others how to use and make high-THC hemp oil.

He says that nobody has the right to regulate or control cannabis because it’s been used for thousands of years, and that it is virtually harmless, especially when compared to pharmaceutical drugs. Nobody ever, in the recorded history of cannabis, has ever died from using it. It is actually regulated and banned because it represents a major threat to Big Pharma and government control over people. If people could grow their own hemp, they could wean themselves away from Big Pharma medicines, sickness and also the petrochemical industry. Everything that is currently being made from petroleum could be made from hemp/cannabis. So we have huge, powerful financial interests that do not want cannabis and hemp to replace and destroy their huge industries. He’s actually astonished that citizens of the countries allow government to use corruption, graft, and strong-arming to force them to make hemp and cannabis illegal.

Rick says that CBD and other cannabinoids may be good for disease, but in his experience, the best cannabis for using to make hemp oil has to have high THC content. He recommends a THC content of at least 25%. He says that there are numerous people out there claiming that they’re making ‘Rick Simpson Hemp Oil’, but that he doesn’t endorse anybody because he just doesn’t know the THC content of any of these people’s hemp oil. He also said that even though there are a lot of seed sellers out there, even if different strains have the same name you can’t say that they’re the same because there is a lot of genetic variation out there. There probably needs to be some sort of standardization so that people can know what they’re getting.

He also says that contrary to popular belief, even though many countries have said that they have legalized medicinal marijuana, most of them still have either outlawed or are wary of allowing people to use and make high THC hemp oil. That’s most likely because of the control and fear that Big Pharma has over the governments. Big Pharma knows that if people are allowed to make and use high THC hemp oil, their days of making many billions of dollars are over. So they are fighting hard to suppress this information, and to make sure that governments keep cannabis illegal.  They want people to use pharmaceutical drugs only. If it becomes common knowledge that cannabis could treat and cure most ailments, nobody would pay for pharmaceutical drugs.

Rick’s opinion is that eventually, people will just say ‘to hell with the government’ and start growing their own cannabis because they can’t put everybody in jail. From my perspective, they’re pricing people out of the pharmaceutical paradigm anyway. Medical bills are already the biggest cause of bankruptcy filings in America. They just want to squeeze every dime out of everybody they can. The economy has been destroyed, at least the production. So how do they expect people to continue to pay exorbitant fees for medical service and drugs?  Cannabis could actually save the economy, just as it has been such a boon for Colorado. But this happens at the cost of Big Pharma and government profits, hence the government’s resistance to legalization.

Look at how vehement the DEA is against legalization, or even taking cannabis off of the Schedule 1 narcotics list even though cannabis is nothing like opiates or cocaine. DEA, other law enforcement, and the courts all make huge amounts of money from arresting, charging and jailing people for cannabis related (victimless) ‘crimes’.  In addition, due to cannabis being illegal, governments at all levels have been using cannabis and the War on Drugs as a pretest to engage in legalized theft from people, called Civil Asset Forfeiture. This is a practice where law enforcement officers seize your property based on their belief (that doesn’t have to be supported with any evidence) that your property was acquired with illegal drug proceeds or was involved in drug trafficking. It is a blatant violation of the 4th and 5th Amendments of the Constitution as well as an insult to the common sense of most people. But it is so profitable that law enforcement has actually stolen more property than the so-called criminals that they are supposed to be targeting!

Rick also talks about his ‘kangaroo court’ case in Canada. The judge in his trial wouldn’t let him use any of his scientific documentation and references, nor would they let any of the people who were healed from his oils testify about their healing. In short, they only let him testify himself. He said that the judge actually admitted that Rick’s hemp oil was scientifically proven to treat diseases & that his patients had been cured too. But then they proceeded with the prosecution like those facts didn’t even matter! In short, he got railroaded because cannabis represents a mortal threat to Big Pharma, other industries and to government control. Anything that makes people more independent is viewed as a threat by government.

In short, this is an interview that you must see in its entirety. I didn’t want to try to cover everything Rick said, but I wanted to give you a synopsis of what he said here. You owe it to yourself to hear it directly from Rick himself. You’ll be able to hear the sincerity of his message in his voice. He is a gift to mankind, but you have to take his information and use it for yourself because nobody can free you except you. The information is out there but what matters is what you do with it.


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