Do You Think the Cancer Industry is Trying to Put Itself Out of Business?

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I think that this is a fair question. If these charities, researchers and other cancer-related organizations are really trying to cure cancer, wouldn’t they be putting themselves out of business? Isn’t that what they should be doing?

Let’s think about it. If they find a cure for cancer, there would no longer be a reason to spend many billions of dollars annually to find a cure because it would be found. And then we could use those resources (all the people working on cancer cures) and the money we spend on cancer research, treatment and support, on solving other important problems in the world.

In an earlier article, I cited a reference where the annual amount of money spent on the cancer industry was approximately $850 billion, worldwide. I don’t mean to sound like a cynic, but are we to really believe that those in the cancer industry, especially the leaders of it, are willing to put themselves out of business and let $850 billion dollars go away? And realize that this was a figure from 2008, so I’m sure that there’s more being spent today.

If you’re paying attention to how things have been going, it would appear that the more that we give to the cancer industry, the more cancer we get. Cancer rates have went from approximately 1 in 10 people being diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime circa 1900, to present day where it is projected that 1 out of every 2-3 people alive today will be diagnosed with cancer.  Is that the definition of progress, or the opposite of progress?  Or would it be more correct to say that it is progress in making more money from the existence (and proliferation) of cancer?

One big giveaway to me that demonstrates that it’s not really about cures, but about maintaining the status quo is this.  In virtually every instance that I’ve seen of a report of a person using alternative cancer treatment methods and they obtain fantastic results (i.e., eradicating/curing their cancer), NONE of the health care professionals EVER asks the patient ‘What are you doing?’  The only thing they usually say is, “Just keep doing what you’re doing.”  Now why is this?  Is it because they know about the fate of health care professionals that seek, find and/or support non-approved treatment modalities? (That fate is professional suicide because they get their licenses revoked, lose their jobs, lose their research funding, and become scorned by the Medical Establishment. And it doesn’t matter about your stellar track record, your advanced degrees, or the efficacy of the treatment(s) that you use because they won’t stop until they destroy you, or at least fight you with a iron-willed persistence.)

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There is another big giveaway that proves that it’s all about the money and control.  This is the amazing, actually 100% untenable premise that we are being told to believe. After more than 70 years of intense research by armies of PhDs and MDs, and literally trillions of dollars spent, we are to actually believe that the same treatments (chemotherapy, radiation and surgery) that were used in the 1930’s, 40’s and 50’s are the absolute best and most effective treatments for cancer today????  Sure, they may use some different drugs, dose them differently and come up with some newfangled delivery devices and strategies for the radiation and surgery, but it’s basically the same.  If this was the case, then why did we need to spend ridiculously enormous sums of money for this?

It would seem that the outcome has already been decided, and they just go through the motions to make it appear that this predetermined outcome is the result of the scientific method. It’s all backed by ‘science’, to hear them tell it. But it just doesn’t pass the ‘smell test’ because this result just doesn’t make any sense if you believe that they are truly looking for the cure for cancer wherever it may be.

But it DOES make sense if the goal is to find a HIGHLY PROFITABLE cure for cancer that is controlled by the Medical Establishment. Any effective cure or treatment that either doesn’t make them a lot of money and is not under their direct control would have to be dismissed, debunked, prohibited, or ‘proven’ to be non-effective.  And the people who find them would have to be dismissed, de-licensed, character-assassinated, disproven, professionally ostracized, neutralized, maligned, ridiculed, and attacked until public opinion of them was powerfully turned against them. And we’ve seen that with numerous alternative health care practitioners who were heretics that didn’t follow approved methods, procedures, and treatments. They attack anyone who steps out of the status quo like a pack of hungry, rabid pit-bulls.

So I guess that you have to ask yourself, “Does it appear that the leaders of the cancer industry are trying to put themselves out of business, or are they protecting and growing their control over industry profits?”  Because there is a definite lack of results if they’re claiming to be trying to cure cancer. Nixon declared War on Cancer in 1971 and the only thing that happened is that cancer rates exploded, money spent exploded and we’re still using the exact same treatments for cancer they were using in 1940!

And don’t start with the ‘Cancer researchers have families that suffer from cancer‘ drivel because they already have studies and polls that show that over 70% of oncologists wouldn’t undergo chemotherapy if they were diagnosed with cancer. What does that say about chemo? Do they know something that they aren’t telling the patients they’re selling and telling to undergo chemo?

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