The Only Way the Cancer Fraud Will Stop

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We always talk about the Cancer Establishment and the Medical Establishment. If you’ve been keeping up with the things we’ve been sharing with you, you’re up to speed on it. You know that poisons masquerading as medicine is a huge fraud. You know that Big Pharma is only interested in profits. You know that the industry, the regulators, the media and the legislators are all in the money bed together. You know that numerous promising, cheap, non-toxic, effective treatments  (and even cures) have been vehemently suppressed, hidden, maligned, vilified, and chucked down the ‘memory hole.’

We also know that most doctors and researchers aren’t really in on this. Many have unwittingly been programmed, conditioned to believe that drugs and expensive, toxic treatments are the only effective ways to fight cancer. The only treatments that are widely publicized are the ones that Big Pharma can make billions from selling. And even though they should have figured it out, some do not or may not have figured out ‘how deep the rabbit hole goes.’

We also know that it doesn’t take every single researcher, physician, nurse and other medical health care professionals to be in on a conspiracy to make it work. It only takes a few powerful people at the top to administer it, and to enforce it. Once they take over the policymaking, as in establishing the standards and the laws, the enforcement section just follows orders to smash, jail and de-license any heretics and trailblazers. Many of the others just go along with it, often out of fear of retribution from the Establishment. You know that most health care professionals that are paying attention know what happens to those that don’t ‘tow the company line.’ They get relentlessly, persistently, powerfully attacked. Look at people like Harry Hoxsey, Rene Caisse, etc.

It’s kind of difficult to actually determine whether or not a particular alternative cancer treatment really has efficacy because Big Pharma and the Cancer Establishment is known to falsify trials, spike experiments to insure that they fail, and other little/big dirty tricks to make sure that ‘there is no scientific evidence’ to prove that any alternative cancer treatment, especially one that’s cheap and not under Big Pharma control, is effective.

And the regulators have placed a huge ‘barrier to entry’ to any treatments that can’t be patented. The average drug trial that is required to get any treatment approved costs approximately $800 million. This is prohibitive for any treatment (for any disease, not just cancer) that will not yield a huge profit. It’s definitely gonna prevent anybody that doesn’t have a lot of money from ‘proving’ that an alternative treatment works! And anything that’s natural that can’t be patented will not be pursued by Big Pharma companies because there’s no way they could recoup that initial expense. And any non-Big Pharma company isn’t going to have that $800 million to spend on those trials. They just aren’t big and rich enough. So it’s an eternal conundrum from a normal point of view.

But there IS a way that this could be stopped. But it might be a long shot, but it’s only one way that this will stop. People will have to be educated outside of the decrees of the Medical Establishment since we know that they’re not ever going to volunteer to kill this super fat ‘cash cow’ of chemotherapy, radiation and surgery as treatments for cancer. And people are going to have to learn these things on their own because it’s never going to be announced on any mainstream media outlets. It’s a guarantee that the self-proclaimed medical experts are going to continue to deny the effectiveness of non-mainstream medical treatments. And the same goes for other big diseases like diabetes, heart disease, obesity, etc.

People will have to learn about health principles, and about the truth of how dismal chemotherapy, radiation and surgery really are as cancer treatments. And then they will have to refuse to pay these ‘highway robbery’ prices for poisons masquerading as medicines.  If enough people stop buying into these lies about these cancer treatments, the Big Pharma companies will lose so much money trying to sell and produce them that they will have to stop. But if they don’t, so many people will get better results from other treatments that eventually it will become common knowledge that other things work better and then chemotherapy and radiation will go the way of other ridiculous treatments like high-dose mercury, bloodletting and lobotomies.

Unfortunately, science, medicine and most things have become so politicized that it’s tough to actually know who to trust, even in science. So-called scientists are actually telling people that mercury (one of the most toxic substances known to man) in vaccines is OK (along with the adjuvants, animal viruses and other poisons and toxins inside), that chemotherapy (some of the most toxic substances known to man) is one of the most effective cancer treatments, and that radiation is great for cancer as well (even though the people administering it run for cover behind thick lead walls).

It would appear that if it’s a profitable product that isn’t a cure, it’s good. But if it’s an unprofitable medicine, it’s no good, especially if it is really effective. Remember that a patient cured is a lost customer and a lost profit opportunity, from Big Pharma’s perspective.  I don’t like it, but that’s what is happening with medicine today. Don’t listen to the marketing hype. Look at what’s actually happening.

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